Chris Robinson precognitive dreamer scores 100% in tests with scientist Gary Schwartz and a TV show  

Much ado is made of one Chris Robinson here who has precognitive dreams about major news events  with great accuracy, and his dream  predictions are so reliable that he has an official hush hush  connection with UK and US government officials.
2 parts to this little video. The assignment given to Chris the  future dreamer part 1, and part 2 the  surprise result.

LAY GNOSTICS do this sort of thing also, but not concerning major terrorist attacks and news events but about something far more important THEIR PERSONAL LIFE. Not just in  messaging dreams, but in daily musical messages repeatedly pointing to future events which are deeply personal and rewarding.
Then there are physical signals which serve to reinforce one's self confidence and understanding of what's going on. And why.
You are being romantically pursued by a God.

And LG includes round the world  numerous confirmations by email of dream predictions.
Ho Hum. Yawn.

Whereas poor old Chris Robinson is kept in the dark for now. He thinks it's dead people just helping him out. So obviously his dreams never bring joy.
He is sorely deprived. But there must be wisdom in this.

And his pathway to mainstream
media might be a lesson






And here is the whole TV documentary show where his 100% hit rate was established at University of Arizona. Mr Robinson muses out loud here "Why doesn't anybody want to know about this?
The lay gnostics answer is they are sleepwalkers and don't want to wake up. Like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  And cynically governments thrive on emotional blockbuster events. It's their finest hour when the people look to the government. Profits to be made.  Bills to be passed. World Stages to be strutted on.
So why try and stop them? A crisis has pulled many a government back from electoral oblivion.