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Rhine Institute  Metastudy  Proves Precognition

Honorton and Ferrari did a meta-analysis of 309 laboratory studies conducted at the Rhine Institute (see left picture), and elsewhere, on precognition. These were under controlled (and not very exciting) conditions when ordinary subjects had to predict which card would come up,-sometimes up to a year in advance. Nearly two million individual trials were contributed by more than 50,000 subjects. The study concluded that there is a small but reliable overall effect (z = 11.41, P = 6.3 x 10-25). Charles Honorton and Diane Ferrari "Future Telling: A MetaAnalysis of Forced Choice Precognition Experiments, 1935-1987" in Journal of Parapsychology, 35,1989. 281-308. It basically means NONE of us live entirely in the present ! We are always receiving a small trickle from the future. So its ordinary.
Dean Radin, Pre- cognition physically proven- It happens in YOU !  
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