First Reactions

000011 here

i smiled for such a long time

cried - rejoiced


the name true blue healer came to me while on-line

just an hour ago


I have been dreaming already as if anticipating your words


I must say that your joy, your tears of happiness are crystal clear to me


Love you very very much


Robert Canada


Comment:- Site name is entirely synthetic.Virtually secret. A unique domain name. Australian. Of my own making. So how could anyone in Canada have this strange letter combination  dictated into his head? Impossible to honestly  dismiss  this event as coincidence.
Its is bullseye proof of an intelligence with  global reach and pinpoint precision and access to people's heads.
That should give any  conscious person pause to think. 

From Trevor Canada
What a rush! I don't know whether it was the contents of the email(S), or the fact that I even got a reply when a part of me wanted to tell me I was silly for writing in the first place!

I had much the same reaction as Robert did when I initially discovered your site. I found it through a random youtube comment actually, and something about it struck a good chord. Maybe it was the 'shoestring' budget part.. made me wonder why on earth someone would go to all the trouble to make a site like that (the amount of information available vs. the site design) if it was just a bunch of nonsense.

I must say, the hand trick is neat stuff. I can 'draw' on my left palm with my right index finger, and make a really strong field between my palms. I managed to get into the right "mode" to pat things dow

   I came upon by total accident and am i ever glad i
did! My first time trying the hand trick nothing happened and I completely
dropped the idea of lay gnosis from my mind. A few nights ago i decided to
try it again before bed but this time something happened. After a minute
went by I started to feel a twitch in my left middle finger which also
happens to be my recessive hand. As soon as the twitch went away I tried the
patting technique and to my surprise i felt a pulse! After i completely lost
the feeling, a wave of adrenaline pumped through my body and I couldn't stop
    I have also started waking up to music in my thoughts and when I pay
attention to the lyrics, they seem to be completely relevant with lay
gnosis. Thank you for creating and helping people
discover their amazing 7th sense.

  - Julian, Canada


Independent hand tingles in hours
Paris, Maria --I felt the tingling in my fingertip by hearing the music And i love u so, at first i thought it was because i wanted to feel it, but afterwards in the day i put on one of my favorites songs(stairway to heaven by zeppelin) and i again felt the tingling when it says 'and the forest will echo with laughter' it was like it was made just for me , a gift of some sort.. i hope i understood the concept well.. i felt identified with something..
Greetings from paris
Maria- She is spot on.

Independent tingles in days- From Josh USA   --about music....yesterday driving around listening to an album of mine that i havnt heard in a long time, and a beautiful voice of a woman had a short apearance in one of the songs, and it gave me such an indescribable sense, and i could feel tingling down the back of my neck through my spine. it was truely awsome.

Sam- This is something completely new- I studied chigung ,martial arts, taichi, and so on. I am a massage therapist or should I say I am trained in that art because I do not practice.What I am getting at is that I am well versed in chi and its use. But this hand tingle thing is totally new to me. I have never experienced anything like it.

1. Ted Heistman Says:
August 17th, 2007 at 8:08 am

I really like this. I linked to the True blue Healer site on my blog too, because I know exactly what he is talking about and had the same experience.
All the things it isnt't- from an expert
I was very skeptical when I first read about the creator but as I read on
and felt the hand trick I was overjoyed. Now every time I wake up to music
or especially when I feel the hand trick I feel like I've achieved something
beautiful. I haven't had a dream in forever that I can remember but ever
since I've been doing the hand trick and reading your site I have had 2
vivid dreams in 2 nights! Just like it said on your website, in one of them
someone I look up to was like a father to me and embraced me. Last night and today I have not been able to do the hand trick. Is there anything I can do to help or should I just keep trying?

- Julian

From Elisabeth in Germany
Dear Steve,

I stepped into you video. and got a great joy, that God gave you this experience and the possibility to show it by the internet to others, to share it.

I'm German, loving HIM very much, much, much! Since august 2006 I'm using DSL-Internet and making videos in youtube. (for HIM = for LOVE)

Have a look at

There you will find some Videotextes translated besides, (for example switch Most viewed, there the first ones).

Working together
and always PEACE


(You will find me as a reader of New Revelations of GOD, given to austrian musician Jakob Lorber (1800-1864), later further to Johanne Ladner, Gottfried Mayerhofer, Leopold Engel ...)

But for our time, where the youth in general is far from reading books, your switch to GOD will be wonderful!

Of course it's working like this. HE is always there in us. I enjoyed, that he enabled you, to let him out of prison, but that's HIM. Wonderful!

Jill writes
Dear Steve,
I have been a long time meditator and Buddhist but have not been completely satisfied with orthodox teachings. As a result I have searched for other sources of knowledge. Still I continue to research and cross reference anything I can get my hands on.  I recently was told about your web site and viewed your videos on youtube.  Thank you so much for doing this work.  It is about time :)  My compulsion to search started in 1973 when I was in my twenties.  I took myself off to meditate for hours each day and as a result I had a most extraordinary experience with many many layers I won't go into now.  I kept this to myself for years but decided to come out of the spiritual closet about 6 years ago when my husband was prescribed meditation.  Since then I have been diligently working but with very mixed results. 
I want to tell you how your work has helped tie together many things for me, tying up loose ends.  This internal awareness you speak of is not a new thing to me as I have been a seeker for my entire life.  I heard voices in my head when I was a young woman warning me of danger.  I ignored it and was raped as a result.  I did not understand where this voice came from.  I felt guilty for getting myself hurt and ignoring the voices of my guardian angel. I was thinking about this recently after seeing your videos.  Just two nights ago I heard the song in my head from the Pirates of Penzance.   
Poor wandering one!
Though-thou-hast surely strayed
Take heart of grace
Thy steps retrace
Poor wand'ring one! 
If such poor "love" as mine
Can help thee "find" true peace
of mind, why, "take" it, it is thine!
I have heard these things many times before but didn't know whence they came.  This time I knew who was speaking. :)   I am learning to feel the ripple in my hands and my dreams are getting really wonderful.  I can't tell you how wonderful!  I met a character the other night that sang me a song so beautiful my heart was breaking to have it end. 
Same Julian after 12 months
Hi Steve!
 It's wonderful to hear that people around the world are discovering LG!
It makes me wonder though why the majority of the world is still in the dark..
Have people attempted covering it up? Kind of like Science vs. Religion?
Sam, on his progress in the last 12 months

Yes, I had a full kundalini experience about 7 or 8 months ago. It was after I had went to bed. It started in my feet and went slowly all the way up to my head. It was pretty cool. My wife and I have been having a ball with "Source" as we like to call him.

I would like to add something I picked up from from Dr. Wayne Dyer. He said that religion is the river and God is the ocean. Why do I want to ride down a river that leads to the ocean, when I simply can go straight to the ocean.

Thanks Steve, I have great appreciation for your work

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MsMax has sent you a message on YouTube:

Thank you, fellow Godling! so VERY VERY MUCH
Thank you so much for sending me that video link to the 7th Sense video. At first glance I thought it was too
weird but I proceeded to watch videos 1 and 2 which were more detailed.

AWESOME stuff. I've always known this experience was available, in a
heh, heh, sense, in that my hands would "feel" a force but it was never
directed at anything and I had no reference to know what it was. NOW
I do. Thank you again, a zillion times.

p.s. (I had just finished reading the book, When God Winks by SQuire
Rushnell, when I went online to look something up and your link was in
my gmail box. I love this!)

p.p.s. (have you read or heard any of the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, btw?
Just curious).

My love to you, fellow godling.

Ms. Max
Eugene, OR.

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Subject: [LayGnosis] A first impression of LG- astonishment

This from A US soldier, a committed Christian, recently returned from IRAQ.
Name of Mathew Patton.

Became interested in LG thru the Gopsel of John video on Lay Gnosis.
He asked a question about how much Gnosis in early Christian times
resembled modern day LG.

A couple of days later Matthew wrote this....

Very thorough answer, thank you for that. I physically heard
that 'And I love you so' music play out of nowhere yesterday, it
kinda of tripped me out, it didn't play in my mind, i could actually
physically hear it. Very odd.

Steve Trueblue here -Notice how realistic the song phrase AILYS
sounded to him though it was entirely internal. Telephone bells are
equally convincing. Ask Beki !
Love Steve

From Matthew Patton Replies [Lay Gnosis] A first impression of LG- astonishment
On strange phantom cell phone calls

Yes, Steve (if you were meaning me) VERY convincing. It was happening and sounded just like my cell phone.
Recently I started keeping my phone on vibrate, so now instead of ringing my phone does the "BZZZZZZZZ' "BZZZZZZZ"
vibrate thing. (You hear/feel it vibrating against things.)

And guess what started happening...the telephone ring sound I was hearing has changed to a "BZZZZZZZ" "BZZZZZZ".
I check my phone and no calls. Sometimes it happens when I'm sleeping, too, and wakes me up. Really loud/strong like it's right beside my head and it's
like I FEEL it in my head.

The AND I LOVE YOU SO song phrase is not showing up as much for me, but I have been hearing the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" daily and some days several times a day.
Oddly, it seems to be in answer to almost any question I have lately. (Easily a correct answer, too!) :)

To be honest, though, I have slipped and not been practicing like recommended. I have not lost what was originally learned, but no new progress. Need to get back to work!!

Thanks for all you do!!!

Mathew Returned soldier