Religions distract people from gnosis

A function of religions has been to distract the average  person from gnosis.
Old fashioned gnosis  is distinctly a solitude thing. An internal personal event.

If too many people did that, then empire builders would have less people in their networks of pointy buildings and not enough people for cannon fodder..

The religions always promise heaven is later after you die. And some religions insert clauses, that to die for the government, ensures speediest assent to the purest paradise, after a lifetime of servititude of course.

One great religions leader was a general first and foremost. Having inflicted a vast number of casualties on enemies, he was so admired,  a religion sparng up round him, demanding absolute  unquestioning obedience. A generals dream..(First page of the book) And furthermore, the most glorious thing possible was to die in combat for their general. What a useful religion.
What a scheme ! Millions die in empire expansions. No one reaches their natural state of gnosis. It might be argued religions are a war against humanity.

Certainly the fundamentals of yoga and meditation are largely lost from the fairy flossed puffed up  ritualised practices called religions, so  endorsed by states.

Physically contagious LAY GNOSIS connects you to the heaven within yourself without even meditation or yoga.

It's liberation  time.


Twilight of the Psychopaths