You made the assumption, that there is only what you know, inside you.
Just yourself. That's quite an assumption.


Are you of the firm belief, that every thought in your head, is entirely originated by you?

Something you may never have done—questioned whether a thought in your mind’s eye originates entirely  from the one intelligence (you)  inside your internal awareness. Depending on your self awareness/ curiosity.

Example: Where did that thought come from? Its completely out of context with my current activity……

When this happens frequently it can be to get your attention.


Schools program us to believe that pupils’ random thoughts are the result of poor concentration and negligent inattention to the lesson.

This can be quite wrong.

Unexpected thoughts can be simply the second intelligence dwelling within you  using its predominantly write only input to your internal awareness, sending you  a message. A nudge. Bringing your attention to something. You assume it's your thought, typically.

This is what many might claim is intuition.

Something just pops into your head.

Its him.

This is another form of dialogue he will do with you.

Has this never happened to you?

Once you get connected it will happen much more frequently and be mixed with snatches of song and ultimately direct dialogue.

Questions you never asked
and Nudges

·   Curiosity has great value as every question leads you closer to  him.

·   That value of curiosity cannot be overstated. 

Poweful Internal, nudges well  described here at 2:56min.
You will be awoken at 3 am also. It happens to all  Lay Gnostics
Messaging dreams, Pure affection from source, and Nudges toward rewards. reported here
Hi Steve,
Lately I've been Nudged into reading, with the phrase "The Sun Also Rises" literally appearing in my head out of the aether. Turns out my dad had a copy on his bookshelf and I've been reading that lately to my enjoyment.

2 nights ago just before I woke up I had a dream that I was standing at a ticket booth with some friends, everyone in good spirits . Soon after I enter a theatre full of people that I know, all of them smiling and happy, waiting to start the show. The lights dim... and I wake up!
Waking up to life's movie as I interpret it.. I wrote it down almost immediately because it made such an impact.

Last night I had another dream, this time of a beautiful girl kissing me under a full moon. Very tender and romantic :)
Woke up wanting more, hahaha

Thats all to report!

Love Trev