Psychopaths in Closeup and  golly it fits many skeptics too-certainly one subset, the online sneering narcissist

Psychopaths appear frequently online, under pseudo-skeptic videos as sneering narcissists. Hallmark is their avoidance of  argument content and their  exclusive concentration on  ridicule and sneering toward anyone they can hold in conversation.
In the  real case featured here, is highlighted the lying and twisting  stalking nature of an online psychopath who will say anything just to continue heaping scorn and derision on somebody else.  So gross was this persons departure from common sense at  the outset  it made me laugh, as I  wrongly assumed  he was simply a confabulating feebloid pseudoskeptic, but no, this was carefully planned, many times practised psychopathic  game, richly described in the embedded video Defence against the Pyschopath

The real life  psaychopath example occurred under the Pskep video below.

I'll put a couple of the entries in chrono order so you can see the game he plays.

He started with a common demand from Pkseps. Demanding to be spoon fed evidence of the highest possible quality, for His Highness to taste, and of course reject as simply not good enough, you peasant,  sneer sneer sneer. Oh, so familiar......

I sent him 50 cases from Victor Zammit, where psychics have assisted police in scoring convictions. These are on public record are aired in 4 countries NZ, Australia, Denmark and the US. In these TV shows Policemen actually talk to the camera, and sheriffs and Top police Officials acknowledge the psychic's  necessary assistance in scoring convictions and jail sentences, especially on cold or dead end cases. Some psychics even come FBI recommended. Which for the average mainstream person, is the  approval stamp  for normalcy.
But nowhere near good enough for His Highness, this sneering narcissist, who explains to me, dear peasant, that only deluded morons believe TV reports.
He starts with a playground sneer--- and it just continues, down the page.

  • @Indianlake100 That was the exact opposite of what happened? You are an idiot

Bear with me, this is leading somewhere, dear reader.

@Indianlake100 Thanks for the link. At least you try, I´ll give you that. Let me get this straight, you claim that proof of this comes from a TV SHOW? Really, for real? Again, a TV SHOW? A TV show that, guess what, promotes psychics and craves for ratings? No way that what may appear there, can be manipulated, exaggerated, taken out of context, adapted or whatever you like to call it? Again, a TV SHOW? That´s your evidence?

(obviously James Randi on TV would never do any of the above)

@Indianlake100 I have seen the link that you sent. All the cases follow exactly the same pattern. Some psychic "helping" the police in solving a case. Always the source is said psychic or their followers. Quotes extracted from said police officers are always third hand quotes, conveniently, they are never available for comment. But when you look closer, you see that every time, these claims are made AFTER the facts, sometimes years after the facts. It is the said psychic that blows his own horn


And here is one commenting online