Healing Pseudoskeptics Step 1

Walking wounded is one phrase describing the pseudoskeptic. Another is irrational rationalist. Belligerent is another. Deeply unhappy bitter individual is one more still.
 An early critical mistake can be made joining a pseudoskeptic group such as the James Randi Foundation which gives an aggrieved person  apparent carte blanche and inspiration by televised example to reflexively  randomly bite the ankles of mainstream people on the NET with no thought of  the long term outcome on the aggrieved practicioner. Initially its quite rewarding . But long term it channels the  trained ankle biter into a narrower thought process that becomes locked into one's  physical brain map forever preventing one's  vital frontal brain  lobes from functioning.

A better internal  life is likely to result from trying Neil Slades amygdala click site.  Neil teaches, using hard science based descriptions how one doesn't have to be a suffering vicitim of any thought process.
Many ways of producing better thought habits he suggests. Practical examples in his little book. Hundreds of thousands of people have rambled thru his amusing website and come out better people for it.

As opposed to the James Randi Trauma Support groups which basically reinforces anti social angry behaviour. 


Neil Slade
  ------ from Logan Clrke NZ

I have used a variety of different substances to get a high including marijuana, ecstasy, salvia, herbal smoke mixes, designer party pills, speed, acid and more but nothing compares to the blissful heights of the Amygdala Click.

The Brain

The grey matter between your ears is a trinity, a triune brain, 3-in-1.  You have the stem and inner core which is known as the reptile brain, on top of that is the mammal brain or limbic system, surrounding those is the primate brain and the frontal lobes. The largest part of your brain is the primate and frontal lobes this is about 5/6 of your brain area and contains the most brain cells.

The reptile brain is responsible for basic survival, regulating the heart beat, self-defense / counter- attack and fight or flight response.  It is emotionless, primal and only concerned with self-survival.

The mammal brain brings emotion, social / family behavior and basic nurturing, it allows functioning on the same level as cats and dogs etc. Dependent on environmental factors a mammal’s brain will flick between reptilian self-defense / counter-attack and mammal social cooperative behaviors, there is no self choice involved. 

The primate brain brings a greater expression of social, family, emotional and playful behavior and in the human enables things like language, art, math, refined motor skills and ideas. The front portion of the brain, the frontal lobes, is responsible for creativity, planning, foresight, imagination, abstract ideas, and insight. The frontal lobes allow us to be concerned with things outside ourselves. It is the human frontal lobes that give us the highest level of reason, organization, and complex behaviors among all animals.

Happiness is literally bringing the emotions of the mammal brain and the conditioned reflexes of the reptile brain under the control of the watchful eye of the frontal lobes. Use your frontal lobes enough and you will eliminate vast amounts of negative emotional stress and negative reflex last-resort reactions. If a child can learn how to stop falling off a bicycle, you can learn how to stop falling off a nicely balanced pleasurable state of mind.

How It Works

Inside the mammal brain, are organs called THE AMYGDALA. There are two of these, one inside the left hemisphere of your brain and one inside the right hemisphere. Each amygdala resembles the shape and size of a small nut, like an almond. Each amygdala is located about one inch inside your head from the temples, halfway between the outside corner of your eyes and ears.

You stimulate and control your brain, including the amygdala by consciously directing thought. The amygdala can be seen as a “click switch” that turns on either reptile brain self-defense /counter-attack emotional pain or allows frontal lobes intuitive intelligence and pleasure.

Clicking the amygdala backward causes discomfort, paranoia, fear, rage, and emotional pain. The amygdala automatically clicks backward to fight or flight response when you perceive a threat.

Clicking the amygdala forward causes emotional pleasure and excitement it brings companionship, love, and meaning it enhances creativity, intelligence, logic, and intuition.

By using the very highest powers of understanding, creativity, foresight, intuition, cooperation, intelligence, and planning- available only in your frontal lobes you can see, use, and feel all the events in your life as positive, enjoyable, and growing experiences.

Use of your frontal lobes makes you feel good automatically, that’s how your brain is hard wired. Once you recognize this fact as it’s happening and feel the reward of advanced thinking, you want to do it again and again. The momentum builds. Finally, creative intelligence pleasure becomes an automatic habit from sheer pleasure of repetition.

The Secret

Imagine you have a feather and that you can reach inside your head to your amygdala switch and tickle the front part of each amygdala. This thought causes the switch to click forward and sends energy to your frontal lobes. So simple!

The technique I use that gets me so high is this:  Sit with your eyes closed, focus on your breathing, breathe in and click the left amygdala using the virtual feather, breathe out and click the right, breathe in and click both at the same time, breathe out clicking both then repeat the process. Left, right, both, both. If I do this for about 2 minutes I get high as a kite and there is no need for drugs anymore. It truly is better than the chemical ecstasy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg,  from Logan Clarke in NZ 

From Jill in Washington forgot to tell you about my amygdala clicking.  Last night I just did it like I used to.  I found from Neil that to use the sense of smell works nicely.  So I imagined a pleasant smell and pow! I could smell the sweetest floral scent.  It was almost overpowering.  Very nice. :)  This is an entirely new thing for me.  Twice this week I "smell" with my inner nose.

From Julian in BC

Hi Steve!

 Great to hear Logan has given up the drug "speed bumps" as well! It's wonderful realizing that all the benefits of these drugs are already naturally available! Completely free too!

 I remembered Niel Slade and amygdala clicking from a cloud busting youtube video I believe is on TBH but I didn't know the depth of clicking it forward until I followed the link on the new pseudoskeptics page. At first I felt like I couldn't click properly until I decided to pick up my guitar and I randomly came up with a tune I didn't think I'd be able to do yet! The creativity enhancement was amazing! Not only have I been able to come up with several new licks on guitar the past few days, but my latest homework assignments are just flowing right out of me!

  Are you supposed to have any immediate sensations once it's forward? And how long does it usually take for your frontal lobes to "POP"?  I wonder if clicking the amygdala forward has any connection to kundalini?

 1 week of being stuck in the education system left


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Logan's Blog Myspace
  From Jane Singlehurst
Hi Steve,
Thanks for sending the information about Neil Slade last week.
 I have  been clicking away with excellent results.
The cloud bursting technique is quite a trip.
Have done it about 5 times now without any problems at all.
Twice, I saw small sparkles of light, which Neil described to 
me, in an email, as orgone energy. Thought you might find that 
interesting. He claims that he has only seen it once before with a 
friend. I tend to see it fairly often. Not sure what that means.
I don´t know about you, but usually when I do click,
I feel a slight sensation on both sides of the forehead,
once or twice a third  sensation at the top of my head and
once in the middle of the forehead 
as well.