Proof of life after death - So why don't we all  know about it?

Irrefutable proof of Life after Death yet nobody seems to care . Its not proclaimed for a few reasons. The current  common status quo belief system is controlled by  an elite that want to keep the masses controlled. Fear of death is a major motivator used by Governments etc. They don't want that fear removed liberating people from fear of oblivion. Example  the fake War on Terror is not taken seriously anymore so man made global pandemics have been invented. Fear of death is constantly in your face all over the TV.

The elites don't want that Lennonesque world of Nothing to kill or die for.

Control by fear is necessary for the elites' survival...........

The non proclamation of proof of the afterlife is also due to people being too heavily invested in their physical existence s that they have forgotten their divine origin.

Most are too happy to accept the  pseudo-scientific label of smart monkey hammered into them at school. Its more important to have a good time, collecting sensations.

No time to to ever ponder what's in your head when your mind stills and what it might lead to, just eat drink and be merry. No need to think. Its done for you. No need to ponder why you exist. Or how.Or to question how odd thoughts just land in your head sometimes. How life could be without fear. Why you dream.

 So many distractions to prevent you ever thinking. Endless new Baubles and trinkets forever leading you away from yourself.

Of course religions are gatekeepers on afterlife, requiring a lifetime of obedience. 
Fear of death is a major motivator resulting in mass obedience. Why change that?

And of course Science will get egg on its face when this news is widespread. So don't look to them for leadership.

So it's up to YOU Godling to Start Spreading the Nooos 

Start Spreading the Nooos !