Further Communications -prickles
Afte a few months of  Vivid dreams, nudges,  and internal signalling music, your Kundalini rise will be initiated. As well as tinnitus, part of this wholly natural process is the appearance of  an intermittent,  soft prickling in the hands and feet, in particular the toes and fingers. This is already described in the Kundalini section.

 This prickling sensation can continue for many months as your Kundalini rises.
But you will notice that sometimes the sensation in the left foot or hand appears to be an affirmative signal in concordance with your current mindseye content.
 And it is just that. A distinct second  method of physical communication with you ! The Kundalini rise prickles will fade in a few months but the  small signalling component will stay with you, forever, God-ling.  So no  matter what physical activity you are immersed in, you can't forget your origin.

The lack of physical evidence for millenia, of this second intelligence, has allowed people to be convinced  they are just intelligent animals, and this has led historically to tragic levels of psychopathic behaviours, still in play, all around you, as you read this, God-ling.
The Food page has an article "The Twilight of the psychopaths"  Now you might see, the value of the physical signals that come with Lay Gnosis !
Now more from Vibrational Medicine by  Richard Gerber MD page 405

Page 405 Vibrational Medicine

Quoting studies from a European University
Actually, Bentovs model (diag) was formed to help explain progressive left sided bodily symptoms that were occurring in various meditators , Lee Sanella, MD studied numerous individuals , mostly longterm meditators, who complained of pains that would often begin in their left foot and travel up their body as time went by.In many, strange sensations  and sharp pains  would run up from the feet, up the legs, and over the back to the neck. A number of individuals described roaring sounds, and high pitched whistles in the head, followed by a brilliant  sensation of light flooding their entire being and then a feeling of  total bliss.Dr Sanella refers to this progression as the physio-kundalini complex. In some instances, individuals who were not longterm meditators, but who were having psychic experiences as result of "spontaneous" Kundalini awakening, also experienced these  left-sided pains  and abnormal sensations. Sanellla felt that the adverse symptoms, experienced by meditators and others with this syndrome, were somehow related to the activation of their kundalini energies. Bentov was able to piece together the reasons for this unusual symptom complex by studying the  way the brain was affected during the meditation process.
Bentovs model  of heart brain-resonance during meditation and its effect upon the sensory cortex was used to explain how pains in the feet could actually be  a by product of the kundalini energies.The progression of symptoms is partly due to the  awakening of the kundalini forces in the root chakra. In reality, the kundalini energy ascends the inner paths thru the spinal cord to reach the crown chakra. During this process, impurities and blockages are released and burned away
Since the first area of cortical tissue encountered by the induced meditational current is associated with feet and toes, unusual sensations would be experienced  in the feet by those meditators with blocks in this area of their brain. Sanella and Bentov have found that a large number of meditators with  the physio-kundalini syndrome describe pains beginning in their feet, and especially in the LEFT BIG TOE.
BUT when your K rise is triggered via Lay Gnosis NO meditation is required
AND this small passing symptom of K rise, of prickle sensation, is retained for permanent comunication purposes so you can never forget what you are part of, God-ling. Never again. You must see some wisdom, in this by now.
And how did I come by this little known information?
How did I obtain this expensive book?
I resisted nudges to buy this  lovely diagrammed  book  but taken back to the shop  no less than 3 times I finally surrendered. That's Pure Affection working for YOU, Godling