The potentials of  Lay Gnosis are enormous.
Consider :
Though the website costs only $10 monthly, it can  process 10,000 people into the light, daily. In 8 languages.

The function of the truebluehealer website is to process people into the light, on an industrial scale, to transform societies by completing many persons' internal architecture. 

LG is about introducing a uniform experience of God globally. It brings lucky born gnostics, and people who have found  semi gnosis somehow, and those who assiduously worked toward it with many years of dedication (old fashioned, ancient style gnosis via yoga and meditation),  all onto the same platform,  with religious people and the millions who have been  wrongly convinced they are just  scientific animals.
Everybody gets physical indicators. That's on the WHY page.

So this simple website can be  a formidable  industrial scale instrument, to midwife those m illions of closet "seekers", sensing that inner void, into the light.

The millions of "wandering ones" don't know this website opportunity exists. They can only learn by word of mouth, from people like you, dear reader. It is an act of affection to just mention this business, to someone . It goes without saying, this gets you brownie points, with the Chief. This knowledge makes YOU powerfull.

And last, but not least, the famous  John Lennon "Imagine" dreamscape can be achieved by Lay Gnosis, as populations gradually  obtain personal physical proof, that heaven is within, and above us, only sky, nothing to kill or die for, a brotherhood of man.