Population not so scary after all
Scared of the Population bomb?

Malthus was an Englishman 18th century who could read and write  and was deeply impressed by exponential functions- the squaring and cubing of numbers to provide very large frightening or thrilling  answers to sums. In his books he always chose the alarmist interpretations. The population bomb was his greatest fear and he famously calculated that by 1900, due to population increase, London would be buried in 30 feet of horse manure from so many Hansom horse drawn cabs carrying the London population about. He made many such doom predictions, which says much about his personality, all proven false by critics and history, but he added pseudoscientific fuel to the  perennial practice of eschatology- the study of the end of the world, with his  all too basic maths. He was utterly discredited as he was guilty of lack of education and poor reasoning.

But the idea of the Population  Bomb- the Population Explosion-  still captures the imagination and fears of that Malthusian personality type  today such as the Rockerfellers, raising fears in them, who have obsessed over limiting pooulation growth for the last 50 yrs. Like the Bilderbergers who in the 90s decided to kill three quarters of us to "save the earth" from over population. They want a world total of only 500 Million. To save the earth. Their Mathusian holy mission. Bill Gates is helping with vaccination campaigns to reduce fertility as those third world  poor people who consume nothing, are a threat to the first world minority that cosumes all the resources !

So they have to go. So part of the campaign, homosexuality, is  actively encouraged in schools today, to limit population, at the tender age of seven, (Brazil )

Chem trails fill our skies with poisons, animal die offs are  suddenly occurring  worldwide caused by what--- Are we next? New bioweapons being tested?

Malthusian thinking is behind all this. And their simplistic solution  is just kill billions of people to save the planet, just do it by stealth. No problem. Its so NAZI.  It's so necrophilic. So Bavarian Illuminati. So wrong.

Get a calculator and assign 1 metre square per person, and the entire population of China fits into the city of Houston. Are we really that crowded?

It doesn't ccurr to them that perhaps  a planet full of Godlings has to reach a critical mass in numbers for a widespread raising of consciousness. It's likely everyone ever born in history is reincarnated today altogether. Value in that.

Oh and then there's a few probs like massive arms spending as the greatest waste of productivity. The misguided amassing of capital as the only society  goal..........

Little article here points out that half the food we produce is wasted.
it's a pleasant optimistic read


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