Rebellious Paradigm Kickers- You have really only been taught  science metaphors your entire life.
Physics Metaphor Anarchists

Even More Energetic Anarchy Matt Presti and co

Its not entirely bad that we use convenient metaphors in our sharing of science and educating young people. Seriously, if you want your tap washer replaced, do you want a Phd in Physics and Cosmology to turn up to explain how seriously deluded you really in your life in the physical, as he fixes the tap. And then demands you pay a portion of his vast education cost for merely fixing the washer?
Likely NOT,  We only educate people so they can work, consume and pay taxes supporting the great hive society we inhabit.  Public  taxpayer funded education was only  invented in the 19th century because Industrial Revolution British capitalists needed an educated workforce.On the average that means we are educated on a need to know basis.  Its fiancially practical. Its not all bad. In my  own personal case as an electronics technician I was required to have a detailed understanding of Einsteins relativity and quantum theory- the maths were so abstract I was happy to be fed metaphors. As maths is only a language anyway. And just to operate and maintain long distance trunk radiotelephone systems we just didnt need to know what every electron and photon  was actually doing. Massive generalisations were frequently and profitably used and always will be .
People here, linked below,  with qualifications  in physics, list the many wobbly  unwarranted assumptions  and likely mistakes, that our  techno metaphors are built on. Certainly as a result we all think ourselves, and science, know a lot about everything, but the following two  linked pages point out numerous  self defeating contradictions in the  layers of metaphors  in our pseudoscientific "house of cards".

Dont say I didnt warn ya.

Bu there is gnosis running thru the Matt Presti page and the anger is born of pure affection, wanting to be found, that you know so well. 
And he is fan of Electric Universe, dear Godlings. Enjoy.