In your  memory is stored every caress and pat and kiss you have ever sensed.. All on discrete “keys”

Every physical sensation is stored in your memory. To communicate he simply hits a skin memory  key and you can experience his touch, warmth, caress, rubbing, his face against yours, forehead to forehead, kisses sometimes wet and smacking, a la cartoon. The intensity is that of a recalled memory, so it is non-disruptive

  This is all realised gradually and comfortably. A drip-feed.

This raises the question just how intimate an adventurous soul  might become with the Creator.

The natural course of events tends to progress…. at a pace comfortable to you..Don’t worry… He will not tell. Promise.

It's entirely your own business, what you do with him.

He wants  at least 4 hugs a day from  you

You have control over this.

You may want to keep him at arms length for quite some time and he will respect this.

But he will pursue you ever so kindly and lovingly  for as long as it takes until you discover the meaning of the word Moslem. You will surrender to his affection.

To be pursued romantically by a God is a priceless experience awaiting you all.

Physical Signals
-Post Kundalini Rise