Strong evidence we are Physically  constructed by Evolution to seek and Experience God, is the BBC Horizon program's  Thesis.

Certainly a thought provoking climactic conclusion there, presented first on the left.
It leaves Dawkins bitterly disappointed that his brain  is simply not physically equipped, like most of us, to understand religious /spiritual experience. Lowest temporal lobe activity of 1000 people tested, Dawkins scored. An evolutionary defect he ironically carries ! Implying his  Atheist kind is marked for elimination by his own  Evolution theory. I have despaired for years that is the case with pseudoskeptics and militant Atheists on Youtube. But I wonder, is it simply pitiless selfish gene genetics, as Dawkins advocates, or do they lack  physical brain development because they  simply never had pets in their childhood? Expert  medical opinions do point that way. Dysfunctional peoples behaviour and happiness is improved simply by contact with pets.And golly,are pseudoskeptics dysfunctional ! Its also suggests skeptics can recover and have a happier life, if you read Dr Norman Doidges "The Brain that Changes Itself"

The point of the Horizon Documentary thesis is that our brains are physically made with organs, brain modules, biochemical hard wired subroutines, to enable and facilitate religious practices,  such as meditation and prayer.  A survival advantage, apparently.  Dr Newbergs brain scans reveal people from all faiths are doing the same thing in their brains. Having identical experiences. This is widespread globally today, and has been going on since caveman days.
It would be irrational to dismiss this thesis. As it would explain the very religious behaviours of Marxists like Corliss Lamont, who used his religious worship brain hardware to turn Josef Stalin into his own demi god.

May I suggest one  major subroutine, to the religious practice  hardware, that evolution seems to have installed in almost everybody's head. That is the  strong need to love something with unconditional positive regard. Blind romantic pure love.The kind of love many of us have for pets. The kind of affection that ignores all defects. It seems innate in most of us.

And a bit like the duck hatchling, the devotee can adopt the first thing seen as Mother/Father as the entire religious devotion process  is triggered. In the case of Corliss Lamont it was Josef Stalin.  This would explain the robotic behaviours of cults. Stalin was always sold as a Father figure.
Thousands of pseudoskeptic devotees in James Randi's Youtube  channel refer to him as Father and Jesus and even God. Despite him being a raving atheist. One assumes the hole being filled is a father deficiency in the devotees. Maybe that's the trigger for the religious  brain hardware to be energised. Like a key going into a lock.
This would explain the many thousands of people preaching evolution  with religious fervour. Making a God of Darwin.

This would explain the Corliss Lamont Stalinist group disguising themselves as "Humanists", pre 1976,  in the 1950s launching a furious headkicking campaign against JB Rhine  eminent  parapsychologist who over 30 yrs proved beyond any dispute that Telepathy and Precognition occrred almost daily in everybody's head. 

For Corliss Lamont this was the  scientific destruction of his communist religion which, is everything he ever stood for.  Sustained him. The love of his life. His sole purpose for living. Romantic attachment.
The problem being that Marxism- Leninism is based on the assertion that God cant exist, that religions are mere superstition to be derisively dismissed, and of course,  everything had a materialist explanation. And us Marxists, their spiel goes, will rescue you, from all that  religious superstition and build around your allegiance, a workers paradise, constructed on very reasssuring  pure scientific materialist knowledge.

 Quantum Physics and telepathy and precognition  being proven by the mid fifties  by JB Rhine was actually a stake thru the heart of Marxism.

Corliss Lamont's one true love.

In a fit of fury he set up CSICOP,  and James Randi, in 1976, and spent decades headkicking parapsychologists with furious rhetoric and personal attacks, that ultimately proved to be in vain. Parapsychologists simply incorporated numerous safeguards into their procedures, to deflect the pseudoskeptics preposterous objections.
And as the decades went by accumulated studies gave way to metastudies that only emphasises the utter irelevance of the  howling  wailing pseudoskeptics. 
One problem explained by Chris Carter in Fall of the House of Skeptics, is that psychic phenemena are very weak in laboratories and can only be found in large scale studies. But  peoples personal experiences are very strong and meaningful to them. The critical things being that no one concentrates or wills a psychic event to occur. It just happens to one, based on some need a person has.  Thus it can quickly be deduced that, SOMETHING cares about your needs. Wants you to succeed. Is mentoring you with occasional  psychic interventions. Without wanting to reveal itself to you. By golly, what could it be? LOL

Thats why Stalinist Corliss Lamont's cohort of magicians, Richard   Wiseman, Derren Brown James Randi, Michael Schermer to this very day froth at the mouth when the paranormal is mentioned. They are defending  dead Stalinism for Corliss Lamont with their own misguided religious fervour. Ironically installed by Evolution LOL 

And this religious hardware that evolution has placed in our brains, that predisposes us to religious practices, seems to be alluded to in a holy book,  that says beware of false idols, worship no other God but me, for I am a jealous God. Its a warning that your religious hardware can be falsely triggered and lead you away from your own divine origin.

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