Pedophile Politicians scandal growing

The  UK pedopollies scandal can't be hidden  beneath a 100yr government ban that only applies in the UK.  The internet with its powerful bloggers  are getting around the  government ban and making some very compelling demands that the issues just can't be buried by the pedopollies themselves. Great detail on Hamilton the pedophile perpetrator of the Dunblane massacre where 16 children were shot by pistols licenced with a character reference from a pedo-ring polly !
Hamilton the shooter, had been denied a pistol licence because of his pedo conviction. So the Labour government helped him out, which enabled the massacre. Hence the 100yr ban, the severity of which, is unprecedented in british history. Article explores this. And bigger issues. Far bigger, associated with pedophilia. Like entire wars. Mike James is an exciting journalist in Germany.

The second link shows how the internet can support  government banned subject material until mainstream media picks it up and starts to run with it. In this case Internet  pedophilia material is slapped in  Prime Minister David Camerons face on live TV ! He has no response. But he doesn't appear to be off the hook. Its all round the world on Youtube.

Pedopollies further down the rabbit hole
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