Power is a Perversion (cont)

Longer term look at British Government reveals more striking behaviour signalling concealed pedophilia thru generations of UK Government. Its reported here Churchill oddly frequented Morocco. I do recall reading in the  autobiography of  bisexual movie star  Errol Flynn, that  one day in Morocco he found himself in a brothel full of children.

That Churchill had a secret deal with Hitler, to allow Hitler to attack Russia.  The plan was changed by handlers (financiers)
Tony Blair, was nicknamed "Miranda",  was prosecuted  for a sex crime,

Ted Heath, an earlier PM,  famously had a yacht named "Morning Cloud" which has a humourous explanation  involving young boys from orphanages.

And this confirms what Ted Gunderson former FBI man ager Los Angeles discovered when he was asked investigate school children learning satanic practices at  50 schools, and he found the FBI was protecting this  industry, and it led all the way to the CIA, who plied bent politicians, with child prostitutes, to  blackmail-control them. And the CIA is owned and controlled from Britain's Tavistock, which is owned and operated by pedo Rothschilds, described in this article.  

And of course gay James Randi sits on the board of the CIA  funded False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which publishes pseudo-psychiatric books advocating that  no account, from the memory of a child,  should ever be believed in a court case. Oddly all the psychiatrists writing these books are actually pedophiles...... all funded and resourced by Tavistocks own CIA.

If only half this is true
Pedo Power Proposition
Further Evidence 2
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