Pedophilia and government go together in the UK. Especially in the Government's voice the BBC

 Just trawl thru and look at the leadlines and lead paragraphs  and you'll get the idea from these powerful commentators who join the dots for us. The Savile affair can't be contained because the Internet soaks up the leaks, and preserves them for  internauts to see, giving commentators a powerful platform to share and collect knowledge from a variety of sources. Some conclusions are, that Rupert Murdock's press protect pedophiles in the BBC and the UK government. One article says that pedophile BBC personality  entertainer Jimmy Savile, with no formal qualfications, was made a director of Broadmeadow prison where the Yorkshire Ripper is incarcerated and this known BBC pedophile personally knew the Yorskire Ripper.... A few more  links to inform you of how it seems the UK  governement and the BBC is staffed by numerous pedophiles.
And it connects to the White house and George Bush  and kidnappings of paperboys in the US........ Note the final analysis of the behaviour patterns and policies of the BBC by a long term observer  


Strange coincidence
How Blair missed the EU Presidency
And these people, this sex mad personality type, also occur at street level. I knew one working in my phone company, quite actively tri-sexual, would try anything,  nothing was safe from him, man woman or child, animal, vegetable or mineral,   perpetually actively  obessively seeking  diverse outlets, so that even the potted  rubber plants in his office, were fearful.  And he had political ideas.... which consisted of a firm belief in dictatorship over democracy. That's only a sample of one, but...... it conforms with the Berlusconi stereotype rendered in that video. 
Rupert Murdoch protects pedos
Blair protected pedo Savile
Royalty Favours pedos
BBC excoriated by an outraged long term viewer
Here it is that video page
Pedo Power Proposition
Further Evidence 2
Still more Evidence 3