Paedophilia Atheists and Pseudoskeptics
Research done for you

The lifelong dedication of pseudoskeptics to irrationally attacking religious and spiritual institutions and ESP is so gross and organised and widespread  and so robotically repeated  by thousands in lockstep that one suspects it's some kind of  undiagnosed illness.

Website subversive thinking has put some effort into researching this and come up with some surprising connections between  ardent atheism in its various forms and a publishing empire called Prometheus  Books that has the same founder as CISCOP the peak organisation for irrational skepticism and atheism. (James Randi, Richard Wiseman, Michael Shermer etc)

The article is a bit intellectual, can be heavy going, but you don't have to read all of it-- just the first few paragraphs, about the type of material coming out of the Prometheus publishing empire. It will explain the pseudoskeptic pathology as having an alarming dimension. With facts you can check yourself.

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