Paul McCartney here explains what is really a fleeting gnosis experience. The interviewer wrongly assumes it is due to drug stimulated creativity. But it is not. It is in fact, a rescue intervention where the silent partner break its own rule of silence to deliver a critical message at a person's darkest hour. In this case a messaging dream.
Now seriously, 50% of people in the US report this fleeting gnosis phenomenon, but call it a Guardian Angel experience .

It is the deeply secret reason, many people are religious.Churches, mosques, synagogues are nearby when their profound experience occurrs. It is a forgiveable connection to make. They consider these events for decades.

But it is a purely natural experience. They just do not tell anybody, why, they do some apparently, illogical unscientific, religious practices.

The fleeting gnosis events are often treasured and kept a tightly guarded personal secret.

So the pseudoskeptics, professional atheists, like Dawkins, of God Delusion, have not experienced fleeting gnosis, but enjoy tormenting others who have, with abrasive taunts, for their seemingly "illogical beliefs", and unscientific practices. How deluded are the tormentors.
They are the most animal, the most asleep. The most needy of Gnosis for Laymen.

Gnostic dreams. Paul McCartney relates an heroic figure appearing in a dream, at his darkest hour. Something cares about him. But what?