NASA gobsmacked by huge solar storm
Pathological disbelief - from a Nobel Laureate
Live crop circle show-familiar gnostic themes
Dutch medium sees a crop circle hoaxer
  Psychology of disbelief and belief
Is the sun really a fusion reaction? We dont question this. Electric Universe does. Even NASA is voicing shock at the violence of a recent solar storm that bbelittles our "understandings" and raises questions about our weather and global warming ha ha.
Nobel Laurerate Brian Josephson describes pseudo skepticism as a society pathology doing us great harm. From personal experience he writes. Supplying also some  major historic examples. And  I'll let you guess who is mentioned as a major offender  in the society's  all too common  "pathological  disbelief" crusade.
And  a crop circle hoaxer here unmasked  by a psychic What irony LOL