Religions and science have always radiated the same flooding disempowering lie- that you are either  a lowly sinner or a mere animal (evolution explains everything ha ha).

Purpose : to instil and reinforce  obedience.

LAY GNOSIS provides physical evidence exposing  the lie.

The evidence is mounting daily  here from 5 countries that each person contains  a second intelligence as a silent patner that now wants internal dialogue with you via messaging dreams and internal music and voices.

This website provides the drip feed of a new awareness which will dissolve the current  degenerate disempowering  society paradigm, so cultivated by psychopathic adminstrators.

Liberation time. Tell somebody.

The paradign shift from horseless carriages to the mass produced family car was major and revolutionised the world. There was much opposition to that.

America once being an apartheid state, electing a black president, is a breathtaking paradigm shift.
Lay Gnosis presents a greater challenge but  brings far greater benefits .

Tell somebody.