Federal reserve audit Summary
Privately owned bank US  Federal Reserve finally audited for the first time since 1913  
It soon becomes obvious why the misleadingly named US Federal Reserve has historically resisted public audit because that would reveal its criminality. However, thanks to a few crusading US politicians a basic  audit has just been done. It took 100 yrs to achieve this. You recall the GFC where 3 trillion was handed out to the biggest banks in the world, to save us? Well, you were lied to. The real number is, wait for it, 16 Trillion. Secretly given away.  And it all has to be paid back by you and me and your grandchildren. Why? Because the  Fed just prints money and gives it to rich corporations,  no matter how bad their buisness practices are. They lend it out to us and we are enslaved  ever more. Its essentially communism operated by the elite bankers. Italians in the street are complaining they have lost democratic control of their country and now are controlled by International banksters. That was the idea from the beginning  with the  Rothschilds scheme of fractional lending and the so called Reserve sytem of banking. Notice how every country in Europe is falling in to debt to Germany. Greece and Italy will be forced to sell their infrastructure to German banks. This was a plan written up in 1942 when German Industrialists realised they were losing the war, from a Spanish Business Headquarters they published a book saying if they couldnt win militarily, plan B was to take Europe by political and Economic means such as a common Euro currency, political agglomeration of European nations. All written  in 1942. The book is brandished in British parliament today. 
We have all heard of the criminal underworld, but it seldom occurrs to us that  we are ruled by a criminal overworld, the Banksters  that operate our fake governments.

Australia depends largely on selling minerals to China which has been allowed to become the sole manfacturing country of the world, via so called, out of control globalisation. A situation never foreseen by any economic theory. OZ depends hugely on gas and mineral sales to keep our tiny population country, 22mill,  in a high standard of living. We have virtually no manufacturing industries to distribute money in wages to average people.  Many  US  manufacturing Companies,  have   also moved to China. Jobs that will never comeback.   Remember how much Detroit got in subsidy during the GFC ?

So what if China collapses like the Soviet Union ? Epoch Times article suggest its beginning to happen, because China is still a Stalinist economy like North Korea. And all those breathtaking  tall building projects in Shanghai, are being built on credit to keep people employed. 


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