Onset  times of Layman's Gnosis

I can only supply very  approximate figures as individual uptakes vary so widely.

So from seeing the videos, majority of people  about  (75%) experience  vivid dreams onset, within one or two weeks, if the soft body field 7th Sense is practised daily 2 mins before sleep.
During that period, or soon after, it's common for early morning internal greeting music, to start before eyes open.
Nudges can  begin  to occur in just a few weeks.
A subset of people learn the handtrick and practice it alone for months before being nudged into communicating back to the website for the next lesson.Vivid dreams commence soon after reporting back, followed by morning  internal music and many more nudges.
Another very small subset less than 5%experience nothing at  all during the video. But nightly practice before sleep for 2 mins generally lights the hands up in a week or two. Can come as a great surprise.
Kundalini rising often accompanied by tinitus can commence within 3-6 months.
Clear Direct speech slowly transforming out of signalling music may take 1 year or more as you are tuned biochemically.
Independent signalling  hand tingles can often take many months (1yr) to appear but some get it within a few hours of the video.
All of these Gnosis element start times are from  experiences  reported from 4 countries.