Just landed another one !
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Thank you, fellow Godling! so VERY VERY MUCH
Thank you so much for sending me that video link to the 7th Sense
www.truebluehealer.com video. At first glance I thought it was too
weird but I proceeded to watch videos 1 and 2 which were more detailed.

AWESOME stuff. I've always known this experience was available, in a
heh, heh, sense, in that my hands would "feel" a force but it was never
directed at anything and I had no reference to know what it was. NOW
I do. Thank you again, a zillion times.

p.s. (I had just finished reading the book, When God Winks by SQuire
Rushnell, when I went online to look something up and your link was in
my gmail box. I love this!)

p.p.s. (have you read or heard any of the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, btw?
Just curious).

My love to you, fellow godling.

Ms. Max
Eugene, OR.

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