Dr Oz Endorses John Edward psychic medium
Dr Oz Show from his own site

  The  scintillating global success of Dr OZ is targeted all over the NET by Stalinist  pseudoskeptic bloggers, monkeys on typwriters, working for Big Pharma. The leading pseudo skeptic Steven Novella has actually been on Dr Oz's Show and directly accused him  of being unscientific and using non-medical words to talk to his audience.  How dare he do that ! Including the most evil words spirit and soul. Dr OZ  in the interview,  piddled all over   pseudoskeptic Steven Novella for preaching his Stalinist medico scientism. Dismissed him utterly. 

Now something quite beautiful and refreshing in the global awakening.
Another  great victory over materialism.

Dr  OZ presents John Edward the psychic medium who actually performs some beautiful; connections to deceased relatives of grieving people, revealing some bits of evidence from people's lives, that only that one deceased person could know.  Its repeating objective proof of afterlife that nicely augments Sensing Murder. The reaction from people on the  Dr OZ show when the penny drops, is a sight to behold. It certainly shows the power of personal experience, above all. And John Edward has a book instructing people how to communicate with recently deceased relatives. The  immense benefit being personal experience again. So the  death of a loved one can be profoundly enlightening  and elevating for some, not the tragedy it may at first, seem.