It's all too easy to surrender, to the scientific education's claim, that you are just an intelligent animal, waiting to be eaten by predators. The scientific evidence is so overwhelming, it seems beyond thought, to question this.

Yet that picture of you is incomplete.

The two physical signals of LAY GNOSIS, ie direct hand tingles, and later after kundalini- rise , soft hand and foot prickles, clearly operated by an intelligence other than yourself, have a single marvelous property. They can be measured by biomedical sensors, as in the laptop Response Detector, at the  top of the FOOD page.Using a Galvanic Skin Resistance glove etc

The second intelligence can tingle, prickle your hands, while you sleep or are even anaesthetized, proving you, the subject, is not complicit in the responses, to questions asked. And try as you might, you just can't synthesise, by any act of will, those soft  signalling prickles , eh ! Clearly you are not the source of them.

So now you see another reason for LAYMAN'S GNOSIS. So the creator can prove his presence to science, beyond question, with physical signals.

Discovery of life on other planets is less exciting. Carl Sagan eat your heart out.

Science has often been, certainly in the last few hundred years, an understandable reaction against religious dogma.

Science defined itself as the opposite of all things religious. And became a substitute pseudo-religion for many.

Mercifully, the intelligence that tingles and prickles your hands has no need of religions and is now literally holding his hand out to science !

Saving science the unsavoured predicament of coming to some accommodation with religions.

The only proviso is that the intelligence can be whimsical and playful.
Just like you.

And it could be any lay gnostic reader's hand here, that reveals this to science, the first time. Repeatably. Anywhere.

In light of this growing awareness, cautious optimism about the world's future is justified. The more people brought into this website the better.

YOU start Spreadin' the Nooos !

Not just an animal, are you.
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