Nobel Laureate reports DNA can Teleport
Nobel Laureate reports DNA can TELEPORT between test tubes

This  outrageous claim would destroy the career of any average scientist but  its a Nobel Laureate this time. The Prize is not generally given to fools or incompetent researchers or quacks. But of course this outrageous claim has already been slandered as all of the  above by mainstream science. Consensus reality is always vigorously and irrationally defended. That's how science really works LOL

This  measured transfer of information between test tubes goes a long way to supporting the claims of David Wilcock on DNA waves in space apparently affecting  rapid evolution spurts and also the Galactic Superwaves described by Dr Paul La Violette the astrophysicist.
This astonishing experiment has implications for homeopathy, evolution, the appearance of life on earth. It certainly puts a sword thru materialism as a starting point to understand anything. The start must now include what seems to be magic but its repeatable