Better than the spoken word

Lay Gnostic Novices often ask "When do the voices start ?" (expecting booming Charlton Heston)
Answer -- they tend to come last, after 6-9 months.
Reason- Direct speech is the least efficient form of internal communications. 

Far more conducive to the sweetest sentiment transfer, is the use of  adored music from a person's own memory. It ensures the message is exquisitely received, pleasure endorphins and all. 
Jill during her Kundalini rise  is  making a considerable,  sustained computer effort,  to spread the word , about Lay Gnosis via advertising videos, notes into chatlines, researching likely interest groups and has noticeably augmented the quality of this website.

So what does the Source think of  Jill's effort ?   The answer is not a spoken "Thanks, darling, keep typing"

Unexpectedly, Jill is awoken, middle of the night, to a magniticent romantic opera song, that sends her opiates soaring. The words fit the sentiment of the Source precisely. It is about the Source spreading internal affection, globally, via this website, literally using  music produced at night in people's heads. No one could  compose a better presentation.
Jill is helping to spread the  'music of the night', and is adored, beyond measure.