World of spirit distilled into a description of the afterlife the Nifty Fifty points















Conversations with street people reveal they have only fairy tale beliefs about  afterlife. Which translates to- they have never given it much thought at all.

A university graduate said to me that dead people should at least know lottery  numbers, its the least they could do.  A Masters Degree in Pharmacology said that. A trained critical thinker.

  The rule is that people, when they die, don't get any smarter.
Which is why  I have no interest in being a medium.

 And thats also  the reason that many discarnate spirits seem to contradict each other, thru mediums. They dont know any more than they knew on earth. They are only offering their opinions. Its our  excessive enthrallment  from  our contact with the dead, that mislabels these spirits as  know all sages, completely derailing our thought process. 

Michael Tymn has distilled the top fifty themes from many hundreds of channelled correspondences, vetted thru a net of common sense.

Just to burst your bubble here is one

47. Spirits enjoy hobbies, knitting being one of them. 

  And I groan, does that mean another liftetime of beer and football cadaver television? Suddenly I feel like Montague Keen, seriously not wanting an afterlife. Is there any way to opt out?

So here comes, Michael Tymn giving you an outline of where you are headed.

At least you'll be able to finish that knitting project..... Halleluijah ! 

Here Michael Tymn explains the nifty fifty
And here Michael Tymn reveals his aversion to afterlife