Darwin proven WRONG by leading evolutionist Professor Woese in New Scientist
Yes !  The basic tenet of Darwinism  that small mutations can produce all living things given enough time-- proven resoundingly wrong by supercomputers.
New Scientist sinks Darwin
Dawkins the quintessential atheist evolutionist has been scientifically wrong all his life and will continue to preach his Fundamentalist WRONG  simple mutation dogma despite the proven facts. At 1:05 in this video Dawkins repeats its all just so simple ! Small mutations given enough time produce everything  ! His lifelong work is in ruins. Will anyone have the heart to tell him? Biologists have been wrong for 150 yrs. Errant groupthink en masse ignored by the media. We live in a world of illusion. Some a lot more than others. Because "scientists" push theories that bring in grant money.
Fairy tale theorising for Grant Money
- wouldnt you?