One NDE Adventure

  Some comparative benefits of Lay Gnosis versus the NDE

Wondrous and thrilling is the NDE with its many potential evidenced in the linked account below. 
Downsides can include : 
    1/   Dying is disruptive. Possibly inconvenient for yourself and loved ones. Late for work etc
    2/   Most people forget the revelations very quickly.(Complete waste)
    3/.  Most people report experiencing  nothing on revival.
    4/   Not widely available. Is actually quite rare.

So Lay Gnosis is virtually opposite to the above.
    1/ Does not disrupt your life at all  with the gentle 3 yr drip feed. Do it with loved ones. 
    2/ Every revelation is in normal consciousness. Physical evidence provided for assurance.
    3/ People are encouraged to diary their revelations. Nothing is forgotten.
    4/ Works on everybody- no exceptions. And of course, you stay alive (recommended)

Another very graphic example in a plane crash . Notice the person is shown that he has has been living a half life only, until the plane crash experience woke him up. A sleepwalker. all of his life. And that his physical body caused his "illusion of separation from God" Believing he was just a smart animal enjoying animal sensations, until he was shown otherwise, that the body is just a temporary shell to live in. LAY GNOSIS teaches you the same lessons, but in a gentle, daily, loving drip feed without any fear or trauma.