Godling group growing

Something to do, that is free, By simply having an account here on Myspace, and exchanging friend tags, you spread LAY GNOSIS, globally.

We are forming a  growing group on Myspace.

You can upload videos, photos,and have a background picture on your  home page. It is called your PROFILE. 

Gina and Sam have 596 friends !. Its all free !

There is an  internal email system, Instant messaging, chatline stuff. Even voice phone called Skype.

 Gina's  Shop webpage  http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=278991044

 Gina's Shop webcam  http://www.mycampage.com/fullbrights

You need to start a gmail account first. 

Then you open a Myspace account, using your old favourite email as an identifier- login so you get notifications in your favourite email

I find Myspace a bit cumbersome to start with- you can talk to Gina she is a whiz


To add a background picture to your PROILE /HOME page, click on the  APPLICATION called "Pimping your profile"

Steve in Sydney

yababadabbadoooo !