Musical Lay Gnosis is forever uplifting and even gets past  serious drugs.
Lay Gnostic Logan in NZ, from childhood,  kept a secret all of his life. A longing to fly,  Peter Panlike. Never told a soul. Just the other day he awoke to this beautiful serenade "I believe I can fly". Following a dream 2 minutes before   where he was flying low over housetops, free as a bird. This is Pure Affection at work. The Source within supplying biochemical  bliss the most exquisite way possible. Carefully crafted for just one person. A gift from God.

This is Killeryoga on Youtube---- Feedback after a month

Re: Howdy friend from LAY GNOSIS !
Hey Steve! Thanks for asking.

I'm having the typical 'weird stuff' happening. Singing. Serenading, if you will. Rather annoying, until I asked it to please not keep me up at night. So then the dreams started. *sigh* It's been nerve wrecking to say the least. I feel bombarded some days. ( notice she is dialogueing with God very quickly, thinks nothing of it, even complains)

I swing between being severely agitated to disgustingly calm. Vulcan-like. Strange feeling. But loved. The big squishy kind of love, ya know? The agitation comes from the way fifty questions pop up just when I got one answered. It's just me being antsy, I think. Human impatience.

The interesting part I've discovered the past week is that when I falter for a few days and don't 'tune in' as often as I should(or can) I don't feel a radiating disappointment coming from Him. Quiet acceptance, instead. Patience. Then I get serenaded in the shower by a rock song I'd rather forget. *shakes head* Pleroma's got a great sense of humour.

Felt the urge to write. I started a blog:  (gnostic nudge)

Having problems getting the body pat to work. My hands are sensitive but my body is blocking for some reason. Another roadbump: my medication. Medication will stop me from being able to do my 'homework' at any time of the day when I feel up to it. I have to carefully time it for right when one of my three doses of meds is about to wear off. Advice? (YES Medications inhibit body field patting)

How goes you're journey?

~ Angel
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Killeryoga blog
Jill in Washington state has  a particularly trying life sometimes and Source fills her with biochemical bliss to raise her mood with dreams and messaging music. This poignant message  of  always being there for Jill  "Reach Out" is a favourite from her childhood.