Rockefellers meet Aaron Russo

  Could YOU dear reader just put yourself on the world stage simply because you have a need-to-know  message? The answer is a resounding NO.The worlds media is privately owned and what turns up on TV screens is not random news as it happpens, faithfully reported at all.

Eustace Mullins advises us that when a nobody comes out  of nowhere and appears on TV they have already been bought and paid for and  "put" on the world stage  puppet show so they  well and truly have joined the media 'cast', feeding messages  into your head, of obedience, to consume, or go green or another war requires cheering on, or  anything else the Illuminati want you to think. 

So when odd people just pop up on the news with access to TV screens in 100 countries it's no accident.  But YOU can't get there dear reader.
So when  captivating characters appear on the world stage muppet show we should be a mite suspicous. 

For example two old men  with a plank got worldwide TV prime time coverage   from the UK claiming they were responsible for every crop circle in the British Isles. So they were not mysterious after all and everybody should  just forget them.

The delivery of that ludicrous  message  globally would have cost you or me millions. If we could even get it on air which we couldn't.
Reporters chased the two men calculating their motel and travelling bills would have been enormous  to cover hundreds of crop circles.What was their source of income ? Who is paying for this? And could they explain the complex mathematics behind the crop circles? Phd mathemeticians and astrophyscists awaited with baited breath  for answers- NO answers were forthcoming  because they had run out of script.
Their inability to answer these  questions  was not shouted from the rooftops on Global TV. So around the world hundreds of millions of people were  left convinced they were all fraud these crop circles. So back to Oprah.

A recent dramatic stage entrance was Julian Assange of Wikileaks who doesnt leak much at all but supplies most of his scoops to the worlds most elitist newspapers  all Rothschilds owned who dutifully publish the "secrets", after checking with the Pentagon.. The Israeli prime minster sings praises to Wikileaks. Nobody else does. News channels now quote wikileaks as a news source like Reuters or AAP.

James Randi has had an astonishing access to worldwide media for decades.

It just doesnt make sense unless you see him as part of the Illuminati war against religions, while promoting pedophilia, 

Skeptics get excessive media time all over TV to convince us we are  just animals.
The Darwinist religion is upheld though it is obviously wrong like the discarded  Big Bang theory that has a life of its own dumbing people down.

Rothschilds TV from the  masonic BBC still tries to sell us global warming despite record low temperatures year after year all across the northern hemisphere.Airports snowbound. An ever repeating message that the elites wont stop. Why?

In this video we have a rebel anti establishment filmaker who became friends of the Rockefellers and then realised they were attempting to recruit him to their globalist agenda.

Aaron Russo relates some conversations with this senior Rockefeller  which includes predictions of coming news events meaning our major news is orchestrated.
Right at the  video clip end, rather like young  jedi Luke Skywalker being mocked for his naivete by the Evil Emperor, it is revealed why Womens Liberation was put into place. And it was put into place, seeded by the CIA womens magazine called Ms.