Illuminati in modern history- not taught in schools

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 In the early 1950s a humble librarian in the US Library of congress Eustace Mullins was more than perturbed when his literary associate, a little known  US poet Ezra Pound was against his will committed to an insane asylum, by unknown government officials.

Obviously very sane this man's only activity had been to write pointedly critical accusations against US corporate conduct during WWII.

Among others Eustace Mullins went to visit the imprisoned poet  who became his mentor directing Eustace toward many books which Mullins was well positioned to study. Effectively Eustace was awakened by his studies and he wrote highly incisive books about the US Federal Reserve and banking conspiracies etc. with the  intention of awakening other people to true history. No surprise he was banned from the library. But that only spurred him on to write many more books to awaken the general public.
His books suffered from publishing difficulties as the illuminati own publishing.
He was forced to self publish which limited his audience reach.
And then a miracle happened.
Privately owned cable TV and the Internet was born toward the end of his life. And he happily produced lots of videos for youtube distilling much of his research into 10 minute videos to save you reading his many books, which enjoy a growing demand since the internet began.

Little video here is quite a good 10 minute potted history wake up for those who are confused by modern events. And who isn't ? 

As usual clarity comes from knowing how and where to start. Getting a foothold  there makes a huge difference. Mullins does it well.

Rockerfellers just proxies  for the Rothschilds
Allopathic medicine advanced by bankers early 20th century. Codex Alimentarius today the final assault on natural medicines  and vitamins and minerals which are now essentially illegal in  the European Union and the US.  Drivers are the Bayer Pharmaceutical company of Germany.  Formerely IG Farben of Zyklon B fame.

At 5:10 how it all began is summarised. A gold  jewellery dealership in Frankfurt became very successful. Its effectively a stolen jewellery-exchange-for-money- no questions-asked, in a large city. Guarantees success. But its very risky.
How do I know this?
As a small scale jeweller myself  it didnt take me long to notice that gold and diamond jewellery brings out the wost in people. The most ugly. The most scary. Within 12 months it became clear to me that behind the  gold jewellery industry was organised crime involving millions in drug money being laundered, systematic housebreaking, prostitution etc. Example one day a 17yr old youth offered me 2 kilos of gold jewellery  "cheap". These people must be brushed off gently to avoid offence as they likely carry guns and will happily kill you for no reason, not to mention they are swaying on their feet with eyes rolling back in their head, while talking.
As soon as people see you have gold you are automatically hated by many of the population, the envy and animosity are immense.
Interacting with other jewellers and wholesalers one is soon shown  the hard way, the myriad ways of dishonesty practised by diamond and gold dealers. Including fake certificates of genuineness, over quoting true value, misleading false gold plating on base metals, false Hallmark guarantees of quality, low carat rating of gold,  switching genuine stones for fakes during  jewellery repairs, polishing gold dust off jewellery during repairs.The list is endless.
By now you can see lying has become  a full time job telling each person what they want to hear. So truth went out the window a long time ago. What's that?

As your gold business gets bigger a
nd more succesful you are hated and envied more, atracting thieves and murderers by the score. One defence is to become friends with them , employ them as guards and spies, likely that's what MAYER AMSCHEL BAUER did. Out of desperation and fear. Every day you have to think about buying off the police and criminals alike. Attempting to anticipate their every move. Am I being followed /watched as I walk along unlit Frankfurt streets? Elaborate concealed vaults we are told enabled  (Bauer)Rothschild to survive this very risky lifestyle. And  a criminal cabal goes with this territory this lifestyle. And  a bonus is you have become  a very shrewd judge of people. And necessarily a very good fluid liar and conspirator able to bluff kings. And these skills are treachable to your sons.

What if by now every major newspaper chain and TV station chain in the world, every newsagency like AAP and Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds? What if every Intelligence Agency  like the CIA and MI6  Shin Bet Mossad etc actually and practically work for a  transnational chain of banks owned by the Tavistock  Rothschilds? With no real allegiance to any country or head of state? Then international wars can be orchestrated at will with fake provocation events like the Gulf of Tonkin, Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand  etc Wartime corporate profits can be 10  or more times  that of peace time..... what a temptation for bankers.
So here is a little video explaining  how the public are gulled into believing a war on terror must be coming  because a Rothschilds News Agency CNN has instant and perfectly timed access to a created 'villain' working for the CIA yet strangely all the Kings horses and all the Kings men can't find this 'villain' but he's on TV..........And think Wikileaks too