A Bit More on Comms

Conversational responses from your internal companion can be physical. Skin memories . Most common is  the companion's affirmative signal which is perceived as a friendly pat on the right shoulder meaning Yes, you've got it ! That's right!  Can also be a hand tingle.

This response comes to a  mental question you have posed.

Sequence goes like this.

You pose a question in mind.

Being across every thought in mind he is likely to answer you very quickly with say an image.
If the answer is surprising you might register disblief which he reads instantly as 'Should I believe this ?

A soft loving pat lands on your right shoulder-- You Got it !

You learn from him via Question  and Answer.

Start with simple questions that can be answered with aYES pat.

NO is signalled with a spoken NO in your internal awareness.

There is a rule you will encounter. An economy rule.

The economy of knowledge rule.

Questions will be answered on a need to know basis.

Meaning if you are a pastry cook it's no use questioning the precise composition of the atmosphere of Titan. It won't improve your life to know. He wants to commune with you in  your life.  You are the Star. You were made to be with him. It's you he wants.
You will converge by Q and A on what is relevant to your growth and enjoyment which may not always be obvious to you at all. But he knows a trifle more  than you. 'Don't fence him in' is a common reply.