Monsanto Roundup not so innocent after all
Critic Following the history of Roundup

Monsanto Roundup is a spray  grass weedkiller that  is absolutely harmless to to other life forms. Or so we are told. It's sold in Australian hardware  stores in dilute form called ZERO. It is recommended to be used forever on your garden and foodcrops. Patented in 1964 it is sold in million pound quantities all over the world. Everyone in the world should use it. So we are told.

Monsanto also produces GMO food crops which are resistant to Roundup. Monsanto GMO crops must be used with Monsanto Roundup weedkiller.

A serious defect of Monsanto GMO crops is the Roundup resistance genetic defect does not transfer to seeds. Thus each  year there are no crop seeds available to the farmer for next year's crop. New GMO seeds must be repurchased every year  from Monsanto to continue farming and they are not cheap. 50 thousand Indian farmers have comitted suicide being driven broke by Monsanto. Enslaving every farmer in the world is their psychopathic goal.

Unexpectedly and against Monsato fervent denials the non inheritable weed killer resistance gene has turned up inside weeds making them Roundup proof Obviously carried there by bacteria "helping" with horizontal gene transfer. Most people are simplistic Darwinists which doesn't teach horizontal gene transfer so they are easily bluffed. 

As the years go by the truth leaks out and Roundup reveals it's not biodegradable in 3 weeks but actually accumulates !  and it seriously affects human and animal health. For example it's linked to Parkinson's disease and reduced human fertility. It's a long list. It could even be responsible for the worldwide obesity epidemic. 20% rise in baby birthweights in the lst 30 yrs. Who knows? Remember Thalidomide?
Meanwhile Monsanto behaves like Big Tobacco. Denialism and stonewalling.

Detailed explanation here for  you.