NOT a religious venue the afterlife
The ancient greeks believed in  an afterlife "heaven" they called the Elysian Fields  a paradise of lexuriantly growing forest and field. Robert Monroe ace OBE man, went to the rest and recuperation area deceased people wake up in, and its essentially  the  greek Elysian fields. A great parkland. Monroe' major observation is that its NOT a religious venue. And that is the general theme of 120yrs of afterlife research. since the 1880's.Catholic priests in particular when talking back to us thru mediums reveal their dismay  and deep regret, if not grief, at spending their whole lives falsely persuading the masses to believe in a religious afterlife. Here we have Robert Monroe explaining this simple truth.
Here we have Robert Monroe explaining a method of performing an OBE that works for him. Give it  a damned good go. Spend a few weeks/ months practising. Give this OBE method a chance to work for you. You might get to visit the Elysian fields yourself. Champs Elysee in French the, main road into Paris. 

Now some basis facts about OBEs. 90% of people cant do them. 10 % of people do them spontaneously, accidentally. Some seek medical help for this alarming condition. Following the brain damage of his NDE,  most famous Remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle did  get medical attention to no avail, then went to Robert Monroe and he spent 18 months learning how to control the unnerving phomenon . It makes a lot of sense that we need to be firmly glued into our body for our society to work coherently, and simply agree on a perceived  reality, even if its wrong. Consensus reality has numerous benefits. Like so many standardised beliefs.

The other biggy is that there is no one OBE method that works for everybody. Do try Robert Monroes simple technique. Its proven in many thousands of people. He also provides CDs of hemi sync brain balancing binaural tone sound tracks to assist the phenomenon. Just wear headphones.

Stick with the  Monroe method for a few months. If it doesnt work try A FREE  online course where about 5 different methods are taught of achieving an OBE. Dont let the teacher's  name Beelzebuub,  put you off. Its only a name. This is a wonderful subject to dive into. And its theorised that what glues you into your body is ectoplasm. Deduced from obervations of some  people dying that a cloud of steam  or energy is seen leaving the body, rising, going thru the roof.

Strange deathbed mist steam or vapour seen by carers-Michael Tymn