A  simple man called Monk picked out by source as a demo

 Never an industry mogul or politician. It always seems to be simple little people. Seemingly taken almost completely by surprise, this unassuming man  was made gnostic overnight.  Michael Monk relates how he has been siezed by Source as an example to others of their potential.
Wonderful far reaching experiences, beyond the norm have been given to him in a virtual  gnosis "crash course". He is still standing. Head spinning, at how asleep he was.
 He is interviewed in this long skype video  of 90mins,  of poor technical quality but its worth watching for its rivetting content.
Just starting out he is, as a gnosis teacher, he seems to be supplementary to Hickes etc. For another audience, religious people, he happily uses religious metaphors mixed with spirituality and I wish him the best of luck because religious people are the hardest to reach, with the gnosis message. Source is trying very hard to reach religious people.
Mr Monks personal experience  has been a bit rough, it includes being thrown in a lunatic asylum.  Quite disruptive was his awakening. Distressing the people around him.  That's why I prefer Lay Gnosis because its non disruptive to your daily activities. 
Source has told me that I will take off like, Michael Monk, at the right time, producing something metaphysical that is visible to cameras.
And I have also been told not to attempt his meditations and stuff. Yes, Chief !

Michael Monk has had some experiences which include putting his hands thru solid objects. That was to illustrate the connection between consciousness and matter. Quite a lesson the way he tells it.

He is still learning New Age vocabulary

Michael Monk  has no time for skeptics illuminati etc but they do affect other peoples behaviours. His students I mean. I admire and share his optimism that negative forces dont stand a chance against source, with is maybe a little naive, as he is only in his 20s,  but he admits to a failure rate among his students apparently due to negative influences. However, he is  just starting out and I wish him the greatest success. A bold thing he does is charge $29 monthly. That will draw some, and repel others.   But who knows where that may lead ? And he has photographs of entities worth looking at, in the video, and likely some wonderful stuff in his "financial members only" website.

He is an engaging fellow to listen to and his honesty is  so obvious, as a medical doctor interviews him.
 You might need to watch this in two sessions as its 90 mins.