Perhaps you only think you are human....Perhaps its just a convenient metaphor
Focus 3: State of increased mental coherency and balance
Focus 10: Mind Awake/Body Asleep
Focus 12: A state of expanded awareness
Focus 15: State of no time
Focus 21: The edge of time/space where it is possible to contact other energy systems.
Focus 22: Those who are physically alive but unconscious, dreaming or drugged.
Focus 23: Those who have died but are "stuck".
Focus 24,25,26: The belief system territories-Every set of Afterlife beliefs held by humans at any time has a specific location with these Focus levels
Focus 27:The Afterlife area of greatest free will choice for its inhabitants. It's an area created by humans and often resembles physical earth environments. Contact and communication is open between all inhabitants. Many people living in Focus 27 provide assistance to new arrivals in their adjustment to living in the Afterlife. It is a highly organized and structured area. Read more....
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While the early experiences of Monroe were often characterized by a sensation of leaving the body his development took a different turn in later years. Monroe discovered the 'quick-switch', which allowed him to move from one 'location' to another in an instant by stretching or reaching out with his consciousness. Eventually, this led Monroe to consider the 'second body' to be no more than 'local traffic'—mere habit due to the physical experience (Atwater, 2001). Thus, the implicit philosophical background behind ‘phasing’ is that there is no such thing as 'leaving the body', since consciousness is never really ‘in the body’ to begin with. Rather, all experiences which constitute things such as 'trance', 'hypnosis', 'altered states', 'meditation', 'OBEs', and 'astral projections' are simply variations on the same theme where consciousness is focused in different ways and in different degrees away from the physical.
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