Ed Mitchell explains 

So astronaut Ed Mitchell, who successfully practised telepathy back to  earth from space, here explains in a most beautiful step by step way,  about how utterly misleading and inadequate is Newtonian physics, how quantum mechanics provides a much better explanation with its spooky properties proven in hundreds of experiments.

Note- Einstein to get his relativity accepted insisted the aether could not exist. Must not exist. The fraud worked. Science acclaimed him as the messiah. In 1920 he tried to re-introduce the aether, to balance his equations, but was ignored by the new born-gain physics movement. They wouldn't have a bar of it, the fundamentalists said.With their religious brain hardware working overtime. LOL.

But not to worry, Ed Mitchell here, explains, the "aether" snuck back  into science with another name, the "Zero point vacuum" which is OK by everybody. Nobody suspects. Shhh.... Mitchell's wonderful explanation  of everything includes the advice that our "sixth sense" should be called our FIRST SENSE.  He makes it sound so obvious. So pay attention.

Ray Hyman's Hysterical negativity against PSI explained by Victor Zammit
Ray Hymans Polemic book exposed  as a crafty  pseudo science hatchet job on Telepathy
Meanwhile  Stalinist attack dog, Ray Hyman, (twice in the next video), has been the most vociferous critic rubbishing para-psychology while never doing any actual research of his own. As an armchair theoretician, he just rubbishes the work of parapsychologists often by irrelevant  personal. attacks. He works out of the stable of Stalinist lobbyists, in CSICOP that includes Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, James Randi, Michael Shermer, etc  Hyman has been extraordinarily successful closing down CIA Remote Viewing projects. Simply by screaming the criticism that everyone is deluded except him. World renowned statisticians, like Jessica Utts in the video, insist that ESP and RV are proven by the  same statistical anyalsis used in the medical world evaluating drugs. Proven beyond question. over 50 yrs. Involving 50,000 people.
Hyman insists that she is deluded also. Like the whole medical world.
So gross is Hymans irrational  personal criticisms of scientists that lawyer Victor Zammit says that scientist Gary Schwartz   could sue Hyman for defamation and win  $3-5 Million. Link below.
The next link, a review of a Hyman book, emphasises that Hyman in his furious diatribal criticisms is often quite wrong and self defeating. His criticism is often meaningless counterclaims. Nobody ever checks the skeptics.
 Hyman just another gay magician