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If you have seen the 4 little John O ' Collins videos explaining how  700yr old Vatican Canons are actually the Highest Laws and the foundation of our entire western legal system, its worth listening when he says we are just pawns on a chessboard amusing elite families.  Geopolitics, Wars, Recessions, Terrorism, GFCs are never accidental. Never spontaneous. And you are taunted with your legal  incompetence, your desire to remain asleep, with,  mocking in-your-face public notices, such as the Occulus Omni, the all seeing eye, Symbol of the Jesuit Superior General, that those worshipping a Lord God, are actually worshipping, proving their legal incompetence.

So things that seem spontaneous and random, in the public domain, are probably not. Such as the rise of influential entertainers and  figures like James Randi who still get programmed onto world wide TV
 long after he has any useful influence. Randi stood on the occulus omni, all seeing eye, in his anti ESP TV show.
Pure accident. LOL. Link for you. >>>>>>>>>

An entertainer who has Illuminati symbols on his record jackets, Michael Jackson, is here analysed in a provocative article. Puppet on a string he seems to be
Like so many other entertainers. Just like Randi, odd connections to pedophilia, homosexuality, occulus omni, Pied Piper leading us away from knowing ourselves. To keep us asleep. Working for the vatican. Michael seemingly rebelled against this assigned role, and paid the ultimate  price.

Michael Jackson MK Ultra Mind controlled entertainer

  Terminal lucidity has been noted for some 200yrs and is getting growing  deserved attention from serious science.  It sometimes occurs when a person effectively useless, not knowing their  own names, not knowing faces, from Ahlzeimers, gains full or almost complete lucidity in the last few hours of life.
 Its most puzzling and exciting and  and kicks the materialist paradigm still further out of the stadium.Where it belongs.

Excerpt here : Its the ability to perform bodily movements or skills shortly before death which seemed impossible before.  Such as in mental hospitals.(Barrett, 1926; Brayne,
Lovelace, & Fenwick, 2008; Kelly, Greyson, & Kelly, 2007;
O?Connor, 2003; Ringger, 1958; Schubert, 1808/1967)

- the (re-) emergence of normal or unusually enhanced mental
abilities in dull, unconscious, or mentally ill patients shortly
before death, including considerable elevation of mood and
spiritual affectation, or the ability to speak in a previously
unusual spiritualized and elated manner.

This article carries a sobering message  in how we may be  misperceiving retarded deranged and crippled people and  mistakenly  see them as lost causes, who cant possibly enjoy any sort of productive existence. Terminal lucidity cases suggest its nowhere near that simple. Like, once again, dying is not a  quick materialist process.  But a slow  spiritual process that takes days or weeks.

Terminal Lucidity

Autism 'could be triggered by very low doses of anti-depressants or other chemicals found in water supply'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2155789/Autism-triggered-low-doses-anti-depressants-chemicals-water-supply.html#ixzz1y384V5G5
Surprise discovery about common drugs in water supply
Challenging lunacy here. Discovery made about moon dust and a discussion about the more we learn of the moon, the less we understand. And nobody seems to care. Everyone remains asleep.
Link to moon nanoparticle discovery
Michael Tyms blog explains mists leaving dying people and reports it seems to be Ectoplasm that glues us into our physical bodies possibly making it difficult for most of us (90%) to do OBEs. Middle paragraph.
Strange deathbed mists and lights explained
  Wonderfully comprehensive site explaining virtually every aspect  of the NDE. Accounts collected from revered seers,  and experiencers, are constructed, archipelago like, into an organised  afterlife  explanation.
Includes refutations of pseudoskeptic arguments always good to have ready to wack your critics with. Link this way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
Super NDE site
  In your face again, James Randi STANDING ON the All Seeing Eye