Review of the Million PSI Studies book
COMMENTARY: SCIENCE NOW PROVES FIVE AREAS OF THE PARANOARMAL: Scientists in Europe and America have been investigating psychic abilities using scientific method for more than 150 years. Since 1942 the term "psi phenomena"- ( from the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet meaning "mind" or "soul") has often been used to describe those abilities which have been investigated in the laboratory. According to American physicist Dr Charles Tart (in his book The End of Materialism) there are five areas of psychic phenomena for which there is overwhelming experimental evidence. These are:

1) telepathy- receiving messages from someone's mind
2) clairvoyance or remote viewing- knowing things at a distance
3) precognition- knowing things before they happen
4) psychokinesis- moving things with the mind
5) and psychic healing.

Extensive experiments were carried out in the American Rhine Research Center by Dr J.B. Rhine and his wife Dr Louisa Rhine who created the word “parapsychology”.In their book "Extra-Sensory Perception After Sixty Years", JB Rhine claims that by 1940, 33 experiments had been done involving almost a million trials on telepathy and precognition.

Twenty seven (27) of the 33 studies produced statistically significant results. These studies were repeated in 33 independent experiments in different laboratories in the five years following Rhine’s first publication of his results. Twenty of these or 61% were statistically significant where 5% would be expected by chance.
Ignore the closed minded skeptics' negative comments on the paranormal - they show they do not have the spine or the integrity or the honesty to research the paranormal which has repeatedly produced positive results over time and space.