Globalist Michio Kaku again
Trevor  from BC writes
I agree with the Grey Area you mentioned - Do it myself. The buffer where new info goes to simmer for while. Sometimes years. Why force an immediate opinion on something not fully understood, when one can simply store info and weigh it according to future discoveries/evidence??
Michio Kaku... definitely intentional that all this is coming out now .(Teleportation etc)
 Another short clip of him  here speaking about One World Gov't etc, global language and culture. Growth from type 0 civ to type 1. 'Terrorists' don't want this 'growth'. All in very baby-safe language for the masses. One world language and culture (diluted americana). Hmm. Soda Pop, baseball, blue jeans. No mention of spiritual growth. Just technopolitical.? (I strongly agree Trev the message is  keep looking up there and out there  suns and galaxies and  vast wonders- and I strongly advise not to be obediently hypnotised by large astronomical numbers into feeling we are each insignificant- its a materialists mistake)
Messing is great also, thanks for that vid. I've been deciphering parables lately myself. Exploring the bible. Need to get a good hard copy. Why are so many things coinciding lately?