Medjugorje, Place of Miracles
Judaism NOT from Israel
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Medjugorje, is a small  Catholic town in Bosnia Herzogovina. Numerous anomalous public events have been photographed and  are on Youtube for your inspection..Publicly visible events include dancing sun, orbs  of light on hillsides, glowing crosses, and some solar events so remarkable they  are best watched on youtube. Also detailed outlines of deities appear in clouds.  These are all visible to the general public.

6 young people   since 1981 began having powerful   gnostic experiences  so overt that other people could witness. Some 35 million visitors  have gone there.. Regularly in the a local church these gnostics go into a deep trance verified by experts where Source communicates with them and the gnostic experience is so overwhelming, they don't respond to touch or sound or sight, while heavily engrossed in their entirely internal experience.
The Medjugorje gnostics report familiar things- that communication takes place in the minds eye including video and sound as well as numerous direct emotional contacts. that are powerful beyond description.
They are given messages to relate to onlookers, visitors, in fact any audience drawn by the anomalous events.
The  relayed messages can be summarised perhaps too glibly, that people have fallen way too much for the modern scientific educational theme that we are just animals.Obsessed with materiality. That we are seriously deviant in our misbeheaviours.Estranged from God.

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This site has a  correction for anyone perceiving this problem in themsel
Available on an industrial scale.

LAY GNOSIS is a solution, a medicine for the modern day malady of estrangement from God.

Medjugorje is another.
It seems a team effort is taking place.

Medjugorje is certainly worth looking at on Youtube. Copy and Paste from here

Typical questions that spring to the novice; why these 6 young people and why Now?

The 6 randomly chosen people show that anyone can become gnostic. That everyone is similarly equipped. All that is needed is a trigger.

And why NOW? Because we had to wait  for  modern communications,  for the Internet and Youtube to enable the message to reach the four corners of the world.