Max Igan

Max Igan  a  Queenslander, is a notable observer/commentator always worth listening to.
He has a website, produces serious video studies of world events distilling things, occasionally over hundreds of years to point out unexpected critical connections.He also produces streaming radio talkshows with guests like Michael Tsarion and David Icke. His main subject is the NWO and how it militates against every lay person.With some sophisticated arguments Max advocates,  a personal policy of Non-Compliance. By that he means examining everything one does and deciding,  if by complying  with society norms you, are perpetuating the evil of the prison planet that is slowly descending on humanity. He advocates not fitting into society but doing your own thing with the goal of doing what is right. Such as not living on credit cards, not buying every  new bauble dangled on the TV, producing your own food.
And turning off the  brainwashing TV.   

His website is    www. 

As well as being a well informed historian and humanitarian Max is also a Gnostic. He seems to have got there all by himself, with a meditation of his own invention. It's obvious from the quality and depth of his presentations that he gets help. Divine help. YOU can get that too.

So if you are a Max Iganite, you too can become gnostic like Max but much quicker with Lay Gnosis and get signalling tingles to assist you in your truth search through all of the mis and disinformation. 

Max's Flagship video. Worth a look

William of Orange Central figure in Max's video- A commoner elevated to King by a financier -Starts with Oliver Cromwells English revolution

When King Charles I was brought into disagreement with his Parliament a Jewish Money-Baron in Holland, named Manasseh Ben Israel, had his agents contact Oliver Cromwell. They offered
him large sums of money if he would carry out their plan to overthrow the British Throne.
Manasseh Ben Israel, and other German and French moneylenders financed Cromwell.
Fernandez Carvajal of Portugal, often referred to in history as The Great Jew, became Cromwell's Chief Military Contractor. He re-organized the Round Heads into a model army.
He provided them with the best arms and equipment money could buy. Once the conspiracy was under way, hundreds of trained revolutionaries were smuggled into England and were
absorbed into the Jewish Underground. The same thing goes on in America to-day.
The head of the Jewish underground in England at that time was a Jew named De Souze. The Great Jew, Fernandez Carvajal, had used his influence to have De Souze appointed Portuguese Ambassador. It was in his house, protected by diplomatic immunity, that the leaders of the
Jewish revolutionary underground remained hidden and worked out their plots and intrigue. [16]
Once the revolution had been decided upon, the Jewish plotters introduced Calvinism into England to split Church and State, and divide the people. Contrary to general belief, Calvinism
is of Jewish origin. It was deliberately conceived to split the adherents of the Christian religions, and divide the people. Calvin's real name was Cohen ! When he went from Geneva to France to start preaching his doctrine he became known as Cauin. Then in England it became
Calvin. History proves that there is hardly a revolutionary plot that wasn't hatched in Switzerland; there is hardly a Jewish revolutionary leader who hasn't changed his name.
At the B'nai B'rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936 Cohen, Cauvin, or Calvin, whatever his name may have been, was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish
descent. [17]
In addition to the religious controversy, the revolutionary leaders organized armed mobs to aggravate every situation injected into politics and labour by their masters. Isaac Disraeli, 1766-
1848, a Jew, and father of Benjamin Disraeli who afterwards became Lord Beaconsfield, deals with this angle of the British Revolution in detail in his two-volume story The Life of Charles (9 of 15)5.4.2006 12:13:11
William Carr, Pawns in the Game, ch 2
II . He remarks that he obtained considerable information from the records of Melchior de Salem, a Jew, who was French Envoy to the British Government at that time. Disraeli draws attention to the great similarity, or pattern, of the revolutionary activities which preceded both the British and the French revolutions. In other words the handiwork of the secret and real directors of the World Revolutionary Movement (W.R.M.) could clearly be seen in both, - a fact which we will proceed to prove.
The evidence which ABSOLUTELY convicts Oliver Cromwell of participating in the Jewish Revolutionary Plot was obtained by Lord Alfred Douglas, who edited a weekly review Plain
published by the North British Publishing Co. In an article which appeared in the issue of Sept. 3rd 1921 he explained how his friend, Mr. L.D. Van Valckert of Amsterdam, Holland, had come into possession of a missing volume of records of the Synagogue of Muljeim. This volume had been lost during the Napoleonic wars. The volume contains records of letters written to, and answered by the Directors of the Synagogue.
They are written in German. One entry, dated June 16th, 1647 reads : From O.C. (i.e. Olivier Cromwell) to Ebenezer Pratt.
?In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England. This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.?
In reply to this dispatch the records show E. Pratt wrote a letter dated July 12th, 1647 addressed to Oliver Cromwell.
?Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed, and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles should be given an opportunity to escape. [18] His recapture will then make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.?
On November 12th that same year Charles was given the opportunity to escape. He was of course recaptured. Hollis and Ludlow, authorities on this chapter of history, are both on record as considering the flight as the stratagem of Cromwell. After Charles had been recaptured events moved apace. Cromwell had the British Parliament purged of most members he knew were loyal to the king. Notwithstanding this drastic action, when the House sat all night on December 5th, 1648, the majority agreed ?That the concessions offered by the king were
satisfactory to a settlement.?
Any such settlement would have disqualified Cromwell from receiving the Blood-Money promised him by the International Money-Barons through their agent E. Pratt, so Cromwell struck again. He ordered Colonel Pryde to purge Parliament of those members who had voted
in favour of a settlement with the King. What then happened is referred to, in school history books, as Pryde's Purge. [19] When the purge was finished fifty members remained. They are (10 of 15)5.4.2006 12:13:11
William Carr, Pawns in the Game, ch 2
recorded as The Rump Parliament. They usurped absolute power. On January 9th, 1649, ? A HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE ? was proclaimed for the purpose of putting the king of England on trial. Two thirds of the members of the Court were ?Levellers? from Cromwell's Army. The
conspirators couldn't find an English lawyer who would draw up a criminal charge against King Charles. Carvajal, instructed an alien Jew, Isaac Dorislaus, Manasseh Ben Israel's Agent in England, to draw up the indictment upon which King Charles was tried. Charles was found
guilty of the charges levelled against him by the International Jewish money-lenders, not by the people of England. On January 30th, 1649, he was publicly beheaded in front of the Banqueting House at Whitehall London. The Jewish money-lenders, directed by the High Priests of the Synagogue of Satan, had had their revenge because Edward I had expelled the Jews from England. Oliver Cromwell received his Blood-Money just as Judas had done.
History proves that the International Jewish money-lenders had a purpose other than revenge for getting rid of Charles. They removed him to obtain control of England's economy and government. They planned to involve many European countries in war with England. Great sums of money are needed to fight wars. By loaning the Crowned Heads of Europe the money required to fight wars they fomented, the Internationalists were enabled to rapidly increase the National Debts of all European Nations.
The chronological sequence of events from the execution of King Charles in 1649 to the institution of the Bank of England in 1694, shows how the National Debt was increased. The International Bankers used intrigue and cunning to throw Christians at each others throats.
1649 Cromwell financed by Jews, waged war in Ireland. Captures Drogheda and Wexford.
British Protestants blamed for persecution of Irish Catholics.
1650 Montrose in rebellion against Cromwell. Captured and executed.
1651 Charles II invades England. Defeated and flees back to France.
1652 England involved in war with Dutch.
1653 Cromwell proclaims himself Lord Protector of England.
1654 England involved in more wars.
1656 Trouble started in American Colonies.
1657 Death of Cromwell - Son Richard named Protector.
1659 Richard, disgusted with intrigue, resigns.
1660 General Monk occupies London Charles II proclaimed King.
1661 Truth revealed regarding intrigue entered into by Cromwell and his cohorts Ireton, and Bradshaw, causes serious public reaction. Bodies are exhumed and hung from gallows on Tyburn Hill, London.
1662 Religious strife is engendered to divide members of the Protestant denominations. Non-
Conformists to the established Church of England are persecuted.
1664 England is again involved in war with Holland.
1665 A great depression settles over England. Unemployment and shortages of food undermine the health of the people and the Great Plague breaks out.
1666 England involved in war with France and Holland. (11 of 15)5.4.2006 12:13:11
William Carr, Pawns in the Game, ch 2
1667 Cabal agents start new religious and political strife. [21]
1674 England and Holland make Peace. The men directing international intrigue change their characters. They become matchmakers. They elevate plain Mr. William Stradholder to the rank of Captain-General of the Dutch Forces . He became William Prince of Orange . It was arranged that he meet Mary, the eldest daughter of the Duke of York. The Duke was only one place removed from becoming King of England.
1677 Princess Mary of England married William Prince of Orange. To place William Prince of Orange upon the Throne of England it was necessary to get rid of both Charles II, and the Duke of York, who was slated to become James II.
1683 The Rye House Plot was hatched. The intention was to assassinate both King Charles II and the Duke of York. It failed.
1685 King Charles II died. The Duke of York became King James II of England. Immediately a campaign of L'Infamie was started against James II. The Duke of Monmouth was persuaded, or bribed, into leading an insurrection to overthrow the king. On June 30th, the Battle of Sedgemoor was fought. Monmouth was defeated and captured. He was executed July 15th. In August Judge Jeffreys opened, what historians have named, ?The Bloody Assizes?. Over three hundred persons concerned in the Monmouth Rebellion were sentenced to death under circumstances of atrocious
cruelty. Nearly one thousand others were condemned to be sold as slaves. This was a typical example of how the Secret Powers, working behind the scenes, create conditions for which other people are blamed. Others are aroused to take active opposition against those they blame. They in turn are liquidated. King James still had to be disposed of before William of Orange could be placed on the throne to carry out their mandate. Every person in England was bewitched and bewildered. They were not allowed to know the truth. They blamed everyone, and everything except the ?Secret Powers? who were pulling the strings. Then the conspirators made their next
1688 They ordered William Prince of Orange to land in England at Torbay. This he did on November 5th. King James abdicated. He fled to France. He had become unpopular by reason of the campaign of L'Infamie, intrigue and his own foolishness and culpability.
1689 William of Orange and Mary, were proclaimed King and Queen of England. King James did not intend to give up the Throne without a fight. He was a Catholic, so the Secret Powers set up
William of Orange as the Champion of the Protestant Faith . On February 15th, 1689, King James landed in Ireland. The Battle of The Boyne was fought by men of definite, and opposing, religious convictions. The Battle has been celebrated by Orangemen on the 12th of July ever since. There is
probably not one Orangeman in ten thousand who knows that all the wars and rebellions fought from 1640 to 1689 were fomented by the International money-lenders for the purpose of putting
themselves in position to control British politics and economy. Their first objective was to obtain
permission to institute a Bank of England and consolidate and secure the debts Britain awed them
for loans made to her to fight the wars they instigated. History shows how they completed their
In the final analysis, none of the countries and people involved in the wars and revolutions obtained any lasting benefits. No permanent or satisfactory solution was reached regarding the political, economic, and religious issues involved. T HE ONLY PEOPLE TO BENEFIT WERE THE
It is important to remember that no sooner was the Dutch General sitting upon the throne of (12 of 15)5.4.2006 12:13:11
William Carr, Pawns in the Game, ch 2
England than he persuaded the British Treasury to borrow ?1,250,000 from the Jewish bankers who had put him there. The school book history informs our children that the negotiations were conducted by Sir John Houblen and Mr. William Patterson on behalf of the British Government with money-lenders WHOSE IDENTITY REMAINED SECRET .
Search of historical documents reveals that in order to maintain complete secrecy the negotiations regarding the terms of the loan were carried on in a church. In the days of Christ the money-lenders used the Temple. In the days of William of Orange they desecrated a church.
The international money-lenders agreed to accommodate the British Treasury to the extent of ?1,250,000 providing they could dictate their own terms and conditions. This was agreed to.
The terms were in part :
1. That the names of those who made the loan remain secret; and that they be granted a Charter to establish a Bank of England. [22]
2. That the directors of the Bank of England be granted the legal right to establish the Gold Standard for currency by which -
3. They could make loans to the value of ?10 for every ?1 value of gold they had on deposit in their vaults.
4. That they be permitted to consolidate the national debt; and secure payment of amounts due as principal and interest by direct taxation of the people.
Thus, for the sum of ?1,250,000, King William of Orange sold the people of England into economic bondage. The Jewish money-lenders gained their ambitions. They had usurped the power to issue and control the currency of the nation. And, having secured that power, they cared not who made the laws.
Just what the acceptance of the Gold Standard meant is best illustrated by citing a simple transaction. - The directors of the Bank of England could loan ?1,000 for every ?100 worth of
gold they had on deposit as security. They collected interest on the full ?1,000 loan. At 5 per cent this amounted to ?50 a year. Therefore at the end of the first year the bankers collected back 50 per cent of the amount they had originally put up to secure the loan. If a private
individual wished to obtain a loan, the bankers made him put up security, in the form of property, stocks, or bonds, much in excess of the value of the loan he required. If he failed to meet payments of principal and interest, foreclosure proceedings were taken against his
property, and the moneylenders obtained many times the value of the loan.
The international bankers never intended that England be allowed to pay off the national indebtedness. The plan was to create international conditions which would plunge ALL nations
concerned deeper and deeper into their debt
. [23]
As far as England is concerned, in only four years, 1694 to 1698, the national debt was increased from one to sixteen million pounds sterling. This debt accumulated because of wars.
It is interesting to note that John Churchill, 1650-1722, became the leading military figure during this period of English history. Because of his military genius, and his services to Britain, (13 of 15)5.4.2006 12:13:11
William Carr, Pawns in the Game, ch 2
he was created the first Duke of Marlborough. [24]
The Secret Power behind the World Revolutionary Movement pulled the necessary strings and
brought about The Wars of the Spanish Succession. In 1701 the Duke of Marlborough was made Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Holland. No less an authority than the Jewish
The events leading up to the French Revolution show how between 1698 and 1815 the National Debt of Britain was increased to ?885,000,000. By 1945 the British National Debt had reached
the astronomical figure of ?22,503,532,372, and for the years 1945-46 the carrying charges alone amounted to ?445,446,241. As an Irish economist remarked ?Only a Jewish controlled organization would insist on the odd pound.