Alfred Lambremont Webre

Disinformation is an industry operated by the elites

Prior to the assasination of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, defector to Russia who returned to the US, was shown to have vigorously publicly campaigned months in advance on TV debates, urging the defence of Cuba against  Imperialist US invasion, but also  he was seen handing out leaflets advocating the invasion  of Cuba. He worked for two  opposite political lobby groups headquartered on a street corner with two different street names for mailing addresses but actually both headquarters were in the same office !

We recently find Zacharia Sitchin, science fiction writer posing as professor of oriental languages is simply a propagandist for the Rockerfellers. Furthering their NWO agenda.

We also find John Mack the alien abduction psychiatrist was financed by the Rockerfellers.

We also find the Ground Zero Mosque controversy is created entirely by the Rockerfellers who launder funds thru various Institutes (ASPEN) with CIA connections.Every person in the money chain has a CIA connection. See link.
It's the old story of the elites making war on the common people, forever playing one group off against another.

We also know that most UFO groups are infiltrated  monitored and some likely run by Spy organisations.  It's difficult to know if anyone there is merely a genuine enthusiast.

Disinformation can be very powerful in maintaining secrecy. The growing glamourisation of whistleblowers by Camelot is attracting more and more of them.  One way to effectively neutralise the threat of Camelot to the Military Industrial complex  is to discredit it's participants. And if no one else  will do it for them, fake whistle blowers can be infiltrated only to discredit themselves. And everyone  else linking  to their stories. And many curious truth seekers stop visiting Camelot.

We notice other Camelot people quote David Wilcock. Like Dr Alfred Webre.
Applauded at Camelot.
He appears to be one of a cluster of people suddenly publicly talking about  secret working teleportation devices that routinely transport people to MARS !  
Wilcock says he has been approached by 11 or 12 people, whistlebowers from Black ops all telling the same story about teleportation. Hmmm...

We should wonder how many wore trench coats. Anyone can say they come from black ops and chat along with new age spiritual physics key words.You wanna hear a secret?
And established Camelot people will listen.

Case in Point.

Andrew Basiago has two identical websites projectpegasus and Mars anomaly project.
He has the active enthusiastic cooperation of George Noori on Coast to Coast.
Par  for the Camelot Course  Andrew Basiago claims in a video some 6 hrs long  to have been chosen as a child because he was highly intelligent, psychically gifted and he had already met aliens, and he had a super memory.
And 5 university degrees but he only specifies 2 oddly. 

He was used as test subject in  secret Teleportation experiments he says. Chosen. In his childhood. Now a practising attorney  at 40 odd, he  tells some gripping stories and comes across as a sophisticated and fluid speaker and thinker. For 6 hours or so.

This marvellous profile then  suicides in front of the readers eyes.

He weaves a story involving time travel and seeing his own future 30 yrs in advance. Where  he writes a report for all mankind,  in which he and only he discovers numerous evidences of  life forms on a single NASA photo from Mars, that nobody else can see. So as he was shown  his own  landmark report  in the 1970s he dutifully creates the short report in the right year 2008  12 -12.

So his life mission is accomplished it seems.

However there is a problem

The report was not written by him. The report's style is one of being  written by a  10 yr old with a seriously overactive imagination. Or a seriously deluded underfunctioning person. Likely manic. As in bipolar. But definitely not the talk show telephone speaker. Complete dissonance between voice, tone, and  delivery and actual conversational content.

And boosting his allure, his top secret black ops career resulted in him being only mildly threatened with death for any act of disclosure. Hmm.....

So he is possibly slightly ill. But this just can't be an accident.

 NO. He  is definitely part of a team effort to discredit teleportation, and whistleblowers testimoney, via ludicrous contradictory public testimony.

His 2008 Mars  report is written to deeply anger an
d offend even the kindest casual reader.
To burn them. Thus it's a psy-op.

Certainly it will discredit Camelot. The  UFO disclosure project.

It will cause people to stop listening to whistle blowers !

After a 6 hour video you are hit between  the eyes with his childish ramblings. Discovery of Life on Mars Report 12-12-2008. 

He is earnestly supported by a team of "eminents" !

So here we seem to have a team of Zacharia Sitchins slowly poisoning Camelot.
Just imagine how many people over the years will, after sitting thru 6 hours of video will see this infantile Mars Life report and swear never to return to Camelot.

The video to the right seems to be of an individual trained not to laugh and continue a deadpan delivery while talking complete nonsense. It's a psychology experiment at least to see how much nonsense an audience will listen to before they reject and rebel. More likely its an experiment to see how far and how much outrageous disinfo can be propagated.

All these people, teleportation whistleblowers, quote David Wilcock as supporting them.
WE know Wilcock was brought to our attention by Source.

 But Wilcock could have been told a few convincing stories
to gain his endorsement, for this disinformation plot.
They certainly claim  and make full use of his  'endorsement'.Which they may have planted in his head.
Could Wilcock go back and say he was wrong on some counts?
Misinformed by disinfo experts?
We must discern Godlings. Each of us.

Your opinions are sought.

On the subject of memes -ideas right or wrong  that gain a life of their own spreading virally -Bob Dean is mentioned as a Camelot authority here,  he talks about Miltary Teleportation but adds he only heard it from 'someone else'

And he comes with a gnostic message also. But as usual delivers no way for any one else to get into a gnostic state.We all have to wake up he says but doesnt supply a method.

If you have the viewing time here is Bob Dean discussing Teleportation Interviewed by Kerry Ann  Cassidy of Camelot.














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