Mary Sparrowdancer

To the oft repeated question --Why is a person just "chosen" to be made into a gnostic messenger ?  
Too often a rhetorical question.
Really a  protest, of disbelief, and resentment, springing from childhood obedience training, from large holy books.(theme:-- It only happens to heroic figures, in major holy book stories. Not to us peasants. So who do you think YOU are Mary? Reflecting feelings of personal unworthiness in the questioner.)

Mary Sparrrowdancer was s normal person until she was 37.
She didn't like the war God Jehovah in the old testament, early in life and ended up feeling alienated and journeyed unhappily through a couple of religions, which of course didn't help much at all.

Not unlike  the evidence trail, that one follows  into LAY GNOSIS, she began to have little pieces of ancient Indian pottery, materialise close to her. Heard it tinkle, and hit the ground, sometimes.Others heard it, too. Her staunch ideas of reality boundaries were lovingly pierced to show her , she didn't really know much at all.
Brilliant dreams educating her ocurred regularlry. She wrote them all down. She is an author. A series of teachers turned up in dreams.Addtionally, one teacher often turned up in physical reality, drove in a car with her, supplied a lesson and then just vanished.  She was intensively educated, prepared, trained and tutored, to deliver a message depicting her  remarkable journey into enlightenment.

One central message from her journey concerns the true intent of the 3 great religions.
That they are gnostic sourced, but grossly re-wrttten to distract adherents away from gnosis by self knowledge,  toward servitude and obedience to the Roman and future Empires.

A book well worth reading.

So to the original question posed: Why Mary? Why was SHE chosen to become a messenger?
Answer :  To show that gnosis is possible for anyone.

The Love Song- Special edition. 2008
Dutch semi gnostics simlar viewpoint