Henry Makow Social commentator
Henry Makow Social commentator extraordinaire
Henry Makow  a Winnipeg social commentator expounds impressively on a wide variety of issues including feminism, zionism, capitalism, communism, judaism. He summarises rare old  books no longer available and reveals some great historic surprises.  What motivates Henry Makow to be so diligently studious ? He cares. Particularly about  illusions damaging to society  and institutionalised mendacity.

He is also quite a spiritual man. And wrote this article (link) discussing how  God has become a taboo word and how  romantic radio songs are equally applicable to God..... 
 So I have sent him a letter explaining that God feels the same way toward him, and in fact uses that very same method of messaging in the state of LAY GNOSIS. Available to him with a biochemical switch closure in just twenty minutes. at TBH.

It would be a BIG HELP Godlings if you could drop Henry a line suggesting he enjoy  Lay Gnosis like you do. Perhaps relate some personal  gnostic adventures, biochemical bliss etc, and emphasise this is purely natural, available to all. And its potential for boosting the internal happiness of the average person's life, on daily basis.   
Below here  my Note to Henry.   And NOTICE in the readers comments the many sleepwalkers,who read Henry. 
Henry, you might be intererested in the obverse side  of your article about God being within each person and our romantic radio songs being so applicable to our sentiments toward God, rather than women.

Henry, the opposite is also true.

It occurs in a state of  LAY GNOSIS where one can establish a dialogue with the god within us with a 20 minute biochemical switch closure.

The creator within uses popular music stored in ones memory to serenade and adore a person internally. One's musical favourites in fact .Often from  very early in life life.The sweetest possible way to communicate with a person. This is mixed with vivid messaging night dreams, a well as day dreams and ultimately direct speech internally.
It also includes medically measurable signals into ones physicality. Hand tingles at unexpected times. These serve to keep one grounded in reality and remind the person that ones internal minds eye events, picures, and signalling music, and direct voice,  are not one's imagination.

The biochemical switch closure can a be done at a website www.truebluehealer.com

Takes only 20 minutes. Its FREE. Immediate physical evidence supplied.

And you are too right ! We can't talk about God anymore. The word derails most peoples thinking.

So to get people into the website another title must be used. So as not to scare people off.

This message is dropped  around the NET with some success.

To the calmly curious- For physical evidence of a second intelligence within yourself -Vivid Dreams onset in 7 days, plus repeatable handtingles- search YouTube on LAY GNOSIS 1 BEGIN HERE and site  www.truebluehealer.com   -Regardless of beliefs- Even atheist & skeptic testimonials, including doctors from 6 countries. 10-20 mins gets you started.

 A growing list of triggered 12 month gnostic veterans contactable. And its FREE

Its best to go directly to the website as there is much text support there.

There is a BEGINNERS TOUR left index takes 20 minutes.

In the tour you will also see footprints of many others who have passed this way into a state of Gnosis.

Simply do exactly as you asked by the demonstration. It seems odd but it works. Hundreds of reports from  6 countries attest to that.

For other reactions you can see the responses of people to the short version on youtube here.

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=w7Dc-pqrGCE

But the website is much better with all of its text support.

All questions answered. Emal link on the site. www.truebluehealer.com

For your privacy and reputational reasons you may wish to put questions to me using a fake name and email address.
That's fine by me.

Highest Regards Steve in Sydney



  email     henry@savethemales.ca