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Discarded Big Bang replaced by a theory including consciousness- Book summary

Mainstream science is a pseudo rational religion created in the 17th century as a refuge from the great religious wars of Europe. An alternative religion which prized objectivity above all else, which happily excluded emotions, consiousness, isness, knowingness, God, psychic phenomena preferring to explore only dead physical matter. A simple non theatening refuge. So glad to be away from medieval supersitions and religions they were.

The new religion of science convinced everybody that it was infallible and could deduce all knowledge by studying physical matter and investing heavily in mathematics which is really just a language as the Chruch doctrine was only available in latin for many hundreds of years.

School leavers are deluded into thinking they know everything, on completing their 'scientifc education'. The overwhelming evidence of evolution is presented as as the only explanation, yet it concentrates entirely on mere physical form of creatures, convincing the next generation of schoolkids, they are just smart monkeys. There is no evidence for anything else, the impression is given.But the most important part of life, consciousness, is never mentioned. Scientific theory in schools is based on a supernatural fairy tale. First there was nothing. Then it became something, and exploded.

Big Bang Theory still religiously taught in schools is utter hogwash. No longer taken seriously by astronomers or astrophysicists.
leading lights in the cosmology sciences denounce science as having lost it's way.
Big Bang is known to be a self defeating theory, but they have nothing else thus the media continues with astronomer Fred Hoyle's sound bite from 50 yrs ago-- Once upon a time there was a Big Bang............

The Big Bang Theory of the universe creation gained impetus in 1980 when Alan Guth intorduced his idea of inflation. Unfortuately the creation postulated could not be switched off. Consequently the theory implied that the universe is expanding at a rate billions of times greater than is remotely possible.. Thus presented a problem, that of the 'cosmological constant', which remains to this day an unsolved vexed question, as far as cosmologists are concerned .

All cosmologists were astounded and dismayed by the results of observation of remote supernovae, published by B Schwarzchild (1998) which conclusively showed that expansion is speeding up.

But this is not all that is wrong with both cosmology and physics.
New Scientist in its 10th December 2005 Issue, published an alarming report about the state of physics. It concerned the International Solvay Conference in Brussels the previous week. Nobel Laureate Dadid Gross, in summing up, admitted that physicists were in a state of utter confusion and that some new approach was needed. Everything they were doing, like string theories, and the search for quantum gravity, had failed, but nobody had any idea what to do next.
Now top Physicist Lee Smolin (2007) has recently published a book in which he says this generation has failed to achieve anything worthwhile over he last quarter century, despite greater numbers of physcists that ever before and uprecedented high levels of funding. The award of $60,000 to Profesor Cahill to find an Alternative to Relativity and propose new experiments highlights that physicists are now recognising Einstein's theories are unsatisfactory.

Einstein was a plagiarist inventing nothing of any consequence himself, simply reading the latest science journals and books and summarising then followed by by his own signature on the Relativity thesis. He supplied not one acknowlegement of other's work at the foot of his thesis. He did not state a single new idea in physics . Example E= MC Squared The vast amount of energy stored in matter was discussed in science books of 1875.

Newton said matter was condensed light (energy)

To get this 1905 thesis accepted Einstein had to demolish the ether theory. It had to go so Relativity could flourish. What is generally unknown is that Einstein tried to resurrect the ether in the 1920's to make Relativity "complete" ! But the born again scientific momentum was too great and ether was thrown overboard for good. Leaving Relativity with gaps known to Einstein. Later in life he said he wasn't sure about relativity. Ignored again of course by the born again faithful in the scientific elite.

The deification of Einstein is an example of science running as religion. On hysteria and faith. The transit of Mercury past the sun's disk supposedly the first available proof of the New Relativity proved Einstein WRONG. Science missionaries publicly announced he was proven right. A new saviour child was born ! Do these elite scientists seem like the 3 kings ?

Now in the 21st century Science journals are bemoaning the complete disarray and uselessness of modern cosmology. It explains nothing. New Scientist says so. Because of the fatal flaw from the 17th century of leaving consciousness and awareness out of the picture. Actively systematically denying it's existence. Vainly insisting that all knowledge coukl be deduced from studying matter alone.

This is fundamentalism. After 300 yrs of 'safer worship' they have hit a dead end.

No new ideas to attract research money. What a crisis of faith !

Sheldrake and Fenwick in 6 little videos eloquently and calmly point out that science has failed because it ignores the most important part of our existence. Consciousness.

So what's a better explanation that includes consciousness? It goes like this--- Consciousness existed then created matter.

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